Safety Leaders Now
Safety Leaders Now
Feb 22, 2022
Safety is within the business, not part of it (with Bill Cobb, VP of Health & Safety at National Trench Safety)
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Bill Cobb has a pragmatic, no-nonsense approach to health and safety in the workplace. In this episode, we discuss:

  • His current role [00:01:04]
  • Projects at National Trench Safety [00:01:23]
  • The size of the organization [00:01:58]
  • Time spent in the role [00:02:27]
  • The current safety strategy he's implemented and how it's different from his past strategies [00:03:15]
  • How he balances an appetite for safety with apprehension [00:06:42]
  • How he is trying to change the way safety is thought about in an organization where everyone comes from different backgrounds [00:10:58]
  • The metrics he thinks that safety people fixate on too much [00:18:26]
  • What else we can be measuring to drive us more towards performance [00:22:21]
  • How we are failing to measure ourselves [00:27:45]
  • The north star for safety departments [00:30:16]
  • His stance on whether or not safety organizations talk enough to their frontline workers about rating their own performance [00:33:45]
  • How to approach M&A from a safety perspective [00:34:52]
  • His approach to getting leadership to buy-in on the notion of "doing less, but better" [00:39:16]
  • What he's currently focusing on in his current organization to start building momentum around "doing less, but better" [00:44:55]
  • Whether he's set any targets or if he's just focusing on pushing for the "doing less, but better" mentality [00:47:44]

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Music by Dyalla Swain

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