Beyond Retail
Beyond Retail
Aug 22, 2023
Reading the tea leaves: What awaits?
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The food and beverage space has done a lot of evolving over the last decade. And after some unprecedented circumstances, it experienced some short but rapid stages of advancement, bringing us new technologies that are now commonplace. As time goes on, and stability is challenged once again with factors such as a cost of living crisis, the industry carries on its steady modernisation, making it fit for the consumers of the future.


But what does this future look like?


In our final episode of the season, we’ll be putting this question to our experts to find out what advances are around the corner for food and beverage businesses. Because as we’ve learned over the last few episodes, F&B brands don’t just sell food, they help build communities and, in extreme cases, provide a lifeline to customers.


In this episode of Beyond Retail, we’ll hear from CEO and Co-Founder of Storekit, Christophe Delacroix, on how the relationships between brand and consumer will continue to grow. We’ll learn about changing customer values to discover what F&B businesses will need to prioritise in the future to keep their patrons happy, and we’ll find out about the role delivery will play in years to come.


We’ll also speak with Director of Strategy and Development at Crown Creative, David Carofano, to discover how physical restaurants will continue to adapt as consumer needs around speed, safety and comfort continue to shift. David also explains how F&B brands are getting creative with the use of their spaces in an effort to combat the challenges arising from smaller locations and rising costs.


And finally, we’ll hear from Global Head of Unified Commerce at Adyen, Brian Dammeir, who walks us through future trends to help us understand the needs businesses must to cater to. Plus, Brian will guide us through the role unified commerce will play and explore the further benefits it’ll have on businesses and consumers alike.


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