Fixing the Future
Fixing the Future
Jun 11, 2021
Let’s Put Cheap, Portable Nuclear Reactors onto Barges
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Today’s startup invites us to rethink nuclear energy. Their plan? To put cheap, portable nuclear reactors onto barges and float them out to sea. What could go wrong? According to today’s guest, basically nothing. The reactor design avoids the type of fuel rods that gave us the fictional meltdown in The China Syndrome and the real-life ones in Chernobyl and Fukushima. In fact, my guest will claim his reactor cannot meltdown or explode. 


One of these reactors would be able to supply electricity, clean water, heating, and cooling to 200 000 households. All with a carbon footprint as low as any other technology—and there are co-generation opportunities that would seem to lower it even further. 


The startup is Seaborg Technologies, based in Copenhagen, and we’re lucky to have its co-founder and CEO, Troels Schönefeldt, with us today to explain how this isn’t all too good to be true. 

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