Mar 25, 2021
SE2 EP4: The Accidental Activist
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In this month’s pozcast episode, host James Watson continues his exploration of leadership and HIV activism from past episodes in an effort to understand more about the activist journey. How do you go from walking along quietly in your life, to finding that power in your voice and stepping up to try to make a difference in your world? Where's that change moment? What's the trigger? To discuss all of this and more, James speaks with “The HIV Accidental Activist” himself, Randy Davis.

Over the course of this leadership dialogue, we have heard words like leader and ally, advocate and activist come to the surface. Each role is different, but each role is also uniquely pivotal in our collective efforts to raise awareness of the medical and research advances for HIV—like Treatment As Prevention and U=U—while continuing to champion equitable access to HIV testing, treatment and care. 

“To be an activist is to speak. To be an advocate is to listen. Society can’t move forward without both.” — Eva Lewis

James and Randy discuss important champions of the U=U (Undetectable = Untransmittable) message like Terrence Higgins Trust and CATIE with their "Can't Pass It On" campaigns and the important work of the Prevention Access Campaign—while discussing Randy’s own humble journey into activism and the initiation of his own I CAN GIVE YOU campaign. “Yeah, it's—I feel kind of strange when I talk about the campaign because as corny as it sounds, it literally truly did come to me in a dream one night,” Randy recalls in the episode.

Randy also discusses his approach to balancing his role in activism with his role as a Gay Men's Sexual Health Coordinator at the Gilbert Centre —an AIDS service organization in Barrie, Ontario. The show also explores his exciting involvement Slay Stigma Canadian Drag Tour with Trinity K Bonet and his role as TV Host of Let's Be Perfectly Queer with Randy Davis, and the show revisits some topics related to last month’s leadership episode with Tara Jewel and Marc Seguin from PLDI (Positive Leadership Development Institute). If you haven't yet listened to last month's show, listen here

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