The State of Frontline Communications
Carrie McFarland
Communication is the cornerstone of all relationships, both personal and professional, and having effective communication is essential no matter what industry you're in. It's especially true for the retail sector, where sudden changes in 2020 had a significant effect on these businesses and the state of employee communication, especially for frontline employees. Poor workplace communication, not only during a crisis but at any time, dramatically affects employee morale, employee retention, and employee performance. Poor communication will ultimately lead to a decline in customer loyalty, risks to a company's reputation, and decreased revenue. Employee engagement is the key to a company's health and profits. Many times frontline employees don't know enough about plans, business achievements, or major changes. We've come a long way in modernizing workplace communication, but how exactly has this communication changed? In this podcast series, we take a look at the history of employee communication and the needs of today's frontline employees in an ever-changing world, so you'll have a solid baseline when researching communications systems. We have also included a little bonus in our last episode — a comprehensive checklist for building an effective frontline communications plan. Make sure you check it out!
The State of Frontline Communications
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