Self Care: At work
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Letter from the Trenches

Dearest parents who struggle trying to find balance between work and the rest of life, who know that when demands ramp up self care is the first to fall off our priority list, and for those of you who desperately want to find a way to avoid burnout, have a listen to what my brilliant and practical friend and colleague has to say about the topic.

Before I joined the ThriveLife Counselling & Wellness team, I was so depleted. Work eroded me and the demands at home were overwhelming. The combo left me so stressed out, irritable, judgey and just "done". After years of hanging on by my fingernails, I called it. I named the state I was in and why I found myself there, and acknowledged that something had to change. I called my husband on the way home from a conference, sobbing, needing to say the words out loud...."I need another role, another place to do my work. I need to feel purpose, to be able to use what I know helps people, and to escape the bureaucratic cage." I think I may have scared him a little, but that's okay. He was supportive and knew it was time. We'd figure it out.

Having integrity and aligned purpose in my work makes me come alive - it gives me energy. THAT was a pretty huge act of self care. Not all self care looks like career changes, but rather small methods of reflecting, recharging and restabilizing. And not all work types leave the same wear and tear. Lindsay and I talk about what some of those are, how to practice them in our day to day lives and reclaim what true self care is, both for ourselves and for our families.

Wanna bring your A-game to life? Start with self care.

Lindsay's online course on self care and burnout prevention for first responders and frontline workers, is INCREDIBLE. If you want to get a grip on this whole "burnout prevention" thing, reach out to her: BEATING THE BREAKING POINT


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