Kids & Consent
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I have a little story to tell you (and yes, I have my child's consent to share it here). When my outgoing and energy-filled 3 year old daughter heard the doorbell ring and the tall stranger on the other side handed over boxes of delicious-smelling pizza, she rushed towards him, arms open wide, hugged his knees and asked him if he wanted to stay for a sleep over. This all happened before I could intervene, and my heart started to race even with the awkward smile across my face as I pried her off his legs and got her to occupy her hands with the pizza boxes. Needless to say, this signaled the need for some learning around healthy boundaries. Her innocence was beautiful, but also crossed the boundaries of the pizza delivery dude and if she had done this elsewhere and out of eyesight, could have been a risky situation for her. We learn about boundaries and consent in stages and based on what we're modeled and told about what's okay and not okay.

I want to ask you an important question. Ok, more than one question... How did you learn about "consent" when you were going up? What did you learn about healthy boundaries and who did you learn it from? When someone crossed a line with you, how was it handled by your people, and more broadly, society? How did the media influence your idea of consent? 

We can't be passive about consent - we need to intentionally educate our kids about what this means for them so it isn't shaped at the hands of others. 

Today we're tackling what consent is and how to empower our kids to have healthy boundaries at every age - from infancy up. We'll look at all aspects of consent - not just consent around sexual touch, which is the one most of us have had some education about or was cued to teach our kids about. It'll be a launching point for you to think about how you want to educate your kids, so sit with the conversation and personalize it. Translate it into real conversations with your kids, no matter how old they are.

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