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"I wanted to create the Runners' equivalent of a Biker Cafe." - Living Adventurously 20
Mar 10, 2020 · 31 min
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Ben Dave ran a lap of Yorkshire because he needed a big challenge after running changed his life, helping him lose 30kg and stop smoking a couple of packets a day. Running also helped Ben with his mental health. 
When he was feeling down and lonely, Ben could only think of going to the pub as an option. Therefore he set up the Early Bird Run Crew - a friendly, daily, early 5km run in his home town to connect the community, making everyone happier and stronger individuals.


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  • Ben's website and Twitter
  • @EarlyBirdRunnin
  • CALM - Campaign against living miserably
  • Ben ran a lap of Yorkshire
  • He made a video about his trip and put it online to force him to commit to it
  • Raised £7000 before even beginning
  • Asking for help - people like vulnerability and people like to help
  • Biggest worry was getting a blister!
  • I never really thought very far ahead - the distance was too intimidating
  • I wanted to talk about my experience of mental health, and this was a platform to do that
  • When he was feeling down and lonely he could only think of going to the pub as an option. Therefore he has set up a running group to try to deal with that
  • Early Bird Run Crew. 6am / 6.30, every weekday. 6 turned up on Day 1. 
  • He didn't know many people who run, but also saw loads of people out running by themselves every day. He wanted to bring people together
  • Wanted to create the runners equivalent of a bikers cafe
  • I don't want it to be 'my' thing, rather to be 'our' thing
  • For me, running massively helps my mental health. If I come out early and run, I'll have a good day.
  • It's brought some accountability and regularity to me
  • It's a way of bringing people together
  • Just because people are smiling on the outside doesn't mean that people are happy
  • Trying to chat to GPs to get running prescribed
  • Running can be a tool in the armoury of working against suicide
  • Running is such a leveller - we have bin men and chief execs. But when you're running it doesn't make any difference.
  • The difference we have with Park Run is the regularity - being able to do it regularly rather than having a whole week to get through. Important from a mental health point of view


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