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Wisdom from a Professional Sand Castle Builder - Living Adventurously 25
Apr 7, 2020 · 40 min
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Jamie Wardley is a professional sand artist who creates far more than the sand castles I joked about. In his own words, "I am a mixed bag with a dose of art, a sprinkle of theatre and an education in Environmental Sciences. I have always tried to do things that bring enjoyment, as I believe if you do, then there is a real chance you will be successful and fulfilled.All the details sort themselves out in the end and great things happen if you just have a go. This led me to working in ice hotels and international sand sculpture festivals across the globe."
This is an episode brimful of interesting nuggets about creativity, entrepreneurship, routines and art. My chat with Jamie was one of the most surprising of my journey. I enjoyed it very much. I hope that you do too.


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  • Don't undervalue routine - it's a good chance to reset and develop your business and yourself
  • Flair plus drive - you're going to get better at anything
  • His young daughter draws every day - practicing - because she wants to
  • Become the best in your tiny niche
  • The way it started was by saying 'hello' to someone [a sand sculptor] on holiday
  • Application and passion and enthusiasm is more important than raw flair
  • If people want this sort of thing then they can find it - getting a good blog and telling the world about it was key
  • niche, if you can, is really good
  • First time he got paid was for making a mermaid in Warrington
  • First one was very stressful but he has developed a self-confidence from persistence
  • Working out your running overheads is really important
  • 25% art, the rest is running a business and planning
  • When you're an artist you really want to focus. But leading a team you are constantly being distracted. 
  • There's only so many things you can do in life, so you need to focus on what you really want to do any say 'no' to everything else
  • You have to allow yourself and your team to make mistakes. That's really important. 
  • Choosing a day rate is hard - this day has to pay for all the other days
  • Economic worth - the base costs, plus how much is something worth to the other side
  • Charge what it's worth, not what it costs. 
  • If you have takeaway fish and chips don't put on vinegar - it sweats and go mushy
  • Originally was going to be an outdoor pursuits instructor
  • Allow yourself to have a go
  • You don't have to win to be a winner, you just have to try. A lot of people fail merely because they don't try
  • Ambitions are fluid - once you reach A you want to get to B
  • I started by having fun and following my nose. It's the path to fulfilment. Follow your nose and opportunities will arise


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