The Prophecies of Lamestrodamus
Play • 2 hr 5 min

The Lamer Gamers talk about Ubisoft Forward (including Ghost Recon Breakpoint, Watchdogs Legion, Brawlhalla Mobile, Hyperscape, Assassin's Creed Valhalla, Far Cry 6, and more!), Stadia Connect, Sony Invests in Epic Games, July Game Pass releases, Xbox One X no longer being produced, Xcloud coming to game pass and more in the news! The guys also talk about the most recent rumors for Nintendo releases and Xbox Live Gold potentially combining with Game Pass. This is followed up with gaming impressions of Burnout Remastered on Switch and Forager on Xbox One X. In Bonus Points the guys ask friends of the show and fellow lamers if they want to see E3 return or continue the current direct style of announcing games! 

Now we have invoked the powers of Lamestrodamus to inform you that we are on the verge of war…a console war…we’ve seen the signs. Fan boys gathering in social media spaces yelling snarky digital snippets at each other known as tweets. Angry, disaffected PC Master race types clinging to their multi-threaded multi-thousand dollar machines but not too close so they avoid 3rd degree burns from the heat coming out the back. Nintendo just kinda laying around doing whatever the heck Nintendo does kinda like Switzerland in WWII.  Microsoft claims they have found some sort of monolithic box that points green ray traced light up to the heavens. And Sony, in a fit of disassociated rage wrapped a binder around a modem screaming to the world about how Unreal everything is. Being concerned about these signs we traveled far and wide looking for signs of the upcoming war and were eventually led to the sage Lamestrodamus living under a bridge that claims he shared these same visions of two giant console titans that won’t fit on your tv stand together. Lamestrodamus confirmed our suspicions with some tea leaves, an Ouija board, some Nitro brew coffee, and a 20 piece box of chicken nuggets. Now that we have confirmed our suspicions of the future in the gaming world we can better inform you of what is to come. Now lets get started.

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