Healthy Spaces
Trane Technologies
With most people spending an average of 94% of their time indoors, enclosed spaces have a significant influence on our quality of life. COVID-19 has elevated topics like indoor air quality and safety into mainstream discussions, but experts have studied the science of indoor elements like air quality, temperature, lighting and noise for many years. The Healthy Spaces with Trane Technologies podcast will explore the expansive world of indoor environmental quality from the inside out. The host, Rasha Hasaneen – leader of innovation and the Center for Healthy & Efficient Spaces at Trane Technologies – will talk with experts and disruptors who are challenging our indoor spaces to be better for people and better for the world. They include smart city academics, sustainability and energy efficiency experts, architectural engineers, and scientists who specialize in indoor environments. Together, they will talk about what a healthy and efficient space really is, which cutting-edge innovations are set to change the world and why these conversations are more important now than ever. In the end, creating healthy indoor spaces has the potential for a positive impact on humans, the climate and the economy. Through this podcast, you will learn to expect more of indoor environments in all the spaces you live, work and play. For more information, visit and get ready to see the great indoors in a whole new light.
Healthy Spaces
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