Inside the Mind of a Legendary Collector - w/ Gary from Pawn Stars
Play • 1 hr 55 min

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In this episode I brought on the amazing Gary from Pawn Stars! Need I say more? He is arguably the most pivotal and influential person to have been involved in Pokemon card collecting. Maybe of the attitudes and things we do that are because of Gary! Here are a few topics we talk about: 

  • Is Pokemon Safe?
  • BGS vs PSA
  • Japanese vs English cards

Here's how you can find Gary:

You can find me here:
IG: @geeked_out_collecting
Twitch: /feliwankenobi
Free Profit Calculator for eBay:

Show Notes:

  • Intro  0:00:00
  • Gary's Backstory  0:01:05
  • Diversity in Media 0:04:44
  • Undervalued Collectibles  0:06:50
  • Force of Wills and FaB  0:11:36
  • NOTHING has grown like Pokemon  0:16:22
  • Gary's an awful seller (his words)  0:18:04
  • His friend sold the $350K First Edition Shadowless Charizard   0:25:37
  • Will kids be priced out of vintage?  0:27:34
  • Is Pokemon Safe?  0:28:12
  • Pokemon Community Then vs. Now  0:33:51
  • Building up Pokemon  0:36:53
  • Shadowless vs. First Edition Shadowless 0:38:15
  • Best Place to do research  0:46:21
  • Tops skills a collector should learn  0:48:13
  • Subgrades 0:54:26
  • BGS vs PSA 0:55:01
  • His thoughts on CGC  1:03:03
  • The state of PSA  1:07:29
  • Gary's comic book & magazine collection   1:18:16
  • What Gary considers as a long-term investor 1:26:56
  • Japanese cards vs. English cards 1:31:39
  • Women in Pokemon   1:42:03
  • Autism Awareness  1:49:06
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