Finneran's Wake
Finneran's Wake
Nov 26, 2022
Donald Trump’s Announcement and Our Response | Patio Politics - Ep. #2
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The web’s most dynamic (and handsome) father and son duo are at it again! In this episode, we reflect on the huge, earthshaking, history-making announcement for which we’ve all been waiting: Donald Trump will seek the presidency in 2024. 

Should he succeed in escaping the Republican Primary with the Party’s nomination, he’ll likely face down the dotard of Delaware, Scranton’s senescent son, Joseph R. Biden–the unintelligible incumbent against whom Trump battled, and to whom he lost, in 2020. 

We ask, is Trump’s nomination preordained? Is there no one (Ron DeSantis) by whom he might be challenged and, God willing, replaced? 

Join us as we talk about these and many other issues. 


0:00 Introduction and Banter

6:12 Why did Trump announce so soon? 

10:27 How will history judge Donald Trump? 

14:53 Dad’s predictions for 2024 contest

20:10 Reproductive Rights and the “Threat” to democracy

22:17 Some playful hypotheticals: Is DeSantis the new Reagan? Will Gavin Newsom be the president for 11 years? 

28:00 The gerontocracy 

31:00 A message to younger leaders: where are you? 

35:34 What should House Republicans do? 

51:50 Will Republicans tire of Trump? 

55:30 George Washington 

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