Returning From The Brink Of Insanity With Neuroscientist Barbara K. Lipska
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The saying ‘I’m losing my mind’ couldn’t be truer for my next guest. This week I am speaking with Barbara K. Lipska, a Neuroscientist who was diagnosed in 2015 with metastatic melanoma in her brain’s frontal lobe. As the cancer progressed and was treated, she experienced behavioural and cognitive symptoms connected to a range of mental disorders, including dementia and her professional specialty, schizophrenia. Gradually, after a course of immunotherapy, Barbara returned to normal functioning and amazingly recalled her experience – even writing a memoir entitled ‘The Neuroscientist who Lost her Mind: My Tale of Madness And Recovery’.


A tale like no other— I am honoured to speak with Barbara about returning home to her true self after her brush with insanity.





“100% of people die with this illness when this spreads to the brain— so it’s tragic as you can imagine.” [4:41]


“I’m alive and that’s the most important thing.” [18:34]


“Live in the moment because you don’t know what will happen to you.” [26:12]




  • Barbara’s background [2:15]
  • Barbara’s illness [3:50] 
  • The impact of her illness [10:05]
  • The journey of healing [15:48]
  • How to approach mental illness and its effects [20:45]
  • Key lessons learnt [23:47]
  • The future and moving on [28:15]
  • Closing thoughts [34:40]


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Read “The Neuroscientist who Lost her Mind”: 

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