The Aftereffects Of A Near-Death Experience With David Ditchfield
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To kick off the new season of the podcast – all around the theme of ‘discovery’ - I am joined by a gentleman who has experienced the kind of thing you only read about in books and see in movies. David Ditchfield survived a horrific freak accident and woke up in hospital to discover he had acquired astonishing new abilities beyond his wildest dreams.
I am happy to have David join me to discuss his near-death experience, the new talents he awoke with after his accident, and what he’s learned about himself since that terrible day.


“The train edged out of the station at great speed, and you don’t realise how fast they go until you are attached to the outside of one. I was thrown around relentlessly and I was still alive and conscious throughout the whole ordeal.” [4:58]


“Every molecule in my body was just vibrating with love…an unconditional love” [13:32]


“This energy of love had been turned up like a huge dial…I looked and there was this tunnel of white light" [19:50]

• Introduction to David [3:00]
• David’s accident and near-death experience [4:11]
• The sense of belonging [18:30]
• Physical and spiritual healing [22:00]
• David’s new abilities [24:30]
• Finding purpose after his near-death experience [29:35]
• Lessons Learned [35:13]
• David’s advice to others [39:15]
• Closing thoughts [42:00]

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