Reigniting The Spark In A Relationship With Marcia DeSanctis
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When we think of love within the context of marriage, we often envision two people devoted and committed to each other. But the reality for many couples is that love fades, people stray, and reigniting that spark can be a challenge. Here to share her story is award-winning journalist and best-selling author, Marcia DeSanctis. When Marcia was 47 years old – married with children and leading a very happy life – she longed for an affair. What followed was a journey to understanding herself and what she desired to find the fulfillment she craved from marriage. This episode explores her excitement at meeting a younger man, how she coped with changing emotions, and the journey to restoring the passion and love with her husband.



“I felt alive with a capital ‘A’ again.” [11:10]


“I was re-discovering the real me. The me that I had kind of forgotten about – buried, I guess.” [12:14]


“The forties are really tough. You start thinking that there is more time behind you than there is ahead of you. That was a really disruptive thought for me.” [14:25]


“I would say that it was a strengthening event for our marriage, rather than a weakening one.” [18:54]

“The individuals need to be strong and the partnership has to be strong.” [29:36]


•    Marcia introduces herself [2:34]

•    Changes in Marcia’s life to contributed to a loss of identity [3:45]

•    How the ‘spark’ was the catalyst of greater thoughts [7:00]

•    Mid-life realisations and identity loss [14:28]

•    How Marcia felt in her marriage [17:18]

•    How Marcia coped with her changing feelings [19:58]

•    Practicalities of choices [23:24]

•    Why people stay in their marriages [24:25]

•    Views on the different types of love [26:06]

•    Biggest lessons learned [27:30]

•    Marcia’s new book, A Hard Place to Leave: Stories from a Restless Life [35:36]


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