How To Build A Better Relationship With Money With Beverley Fray
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In today's episode, I am joined by Beverley Fray, a transformational life and wellness coach who specializes in helping women achieve breakthroughs in their finances and overall well-being. During our conversation, Bev shares her transformational journey and the crucial steps you need to take to create a solid financial strategy. She also stresses the importance of being honest about your financial circumstances, recognizing the impact of deep-rooted beliefs on your relationship with money, and overcoming limiting beliefs that may be holding you back from financial success. Bev also emphasizes the importance of letting go of shame and guilt around money, and she shares insights from her book “Permission: To Do Life & Business Your Way” which focuses on how to do business your way. Join us as we explore how to kick shame to the curb and develop a healthy, positive relationship with our finances.



“In the work I do, I find people who are middle-income, who would have considered themselves to be rich or well-off, are actually the hidden problematic cases because they are not talking about their finances.” – 06:05

“Savers may have had parents that said “can’t afford it, got no money, we can’t spend that on you” while spenders might have experienced lavish behaviour.” – 07:20

“We are programmed to spend by what we see. Adverts teach us to want what we don’t necessarily need, but we go buy it anyway.” – 10:15

“In the workplace, I always called myself an intrapreneur because I believe you have to go to work and treat your job as if it’s your own business.” 15:30


“My number one word is love. For me, that’s a starting point in everything.” – 20:30


“There is a lot of deep childhood trauma around money that they need to release.” 23:05


Time stamps

00:00 – Introduction to Bev

02:21 – Bev’s background in banking and charity 
05:26 – How Bev helps women improve their relationship with money

06:30 – Reasons people hide their debt

08:30 – The causes of money trauma
09:30 – Why people spend money despite a pending recession

11:30 – Bev’s shift into transformational coaching
18:15 – How Bev works with clients
19:49 – Bev’s purpose as a coach
22:10 – Challenges that Bev has met on her journey

25:30 – Why people are more honest with themselves after 2022

28:35 – What Bev learnt by being true to herself

32:18 – Bev’s book, “Permission: To Do Life & Business Your Way”
38:00 – How to connect with Bev



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