Nine: Benjamin Todd on the key ideas of 80,000 Hours
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The 80,000 Hours Podcast is about “the world’s most pressing problems and how you can use your career to solve them”, and in this episode we tackle that question in the most direct way possible.

In 2019 we published a summary of all our key ideas, which links to many of our other articles, and which we are aiming to keep updated as our opinions shift. 

All of us added something to it, but the single biggest contributor was our CEO and today's guest, Ben Todd, who founded 80,000 Hours along with Will MacAskill back in 2012. 

In this conversation from 2020, Ben talks about some common misunderstandings of our advice,  our key moral positions, and a high level overview of what 80,000 Hours generally recommends. 

Full transcript, related links, and summary of this interview

This episode first broadcast on the regular 80,000 Hours Podcast feed on March 3, 2020. Some related episodes include:

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Series produced by Keiran Harris.

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