144 // Angela Kim // Creator - Mommy Diary // Happy Mother's Day!
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Angela Kim, Creator and Blogger of the popular Mommy Diary, joins Jerry on the show to share her story of finding her unique voice in the world of content creation as an Asian American mother of four, what drives her work, and what others who also want to create content can learn from her journey. Learn more about her work at Mommy-Diary.com. Happy Mother's Day!

Meet Angela
Angela Kim, who suffered from postpartum depression after her second child, turned to write blogs to find happiness. She was a stay-at-home mom who recognized that she needed to take care of herself as she was going through depression. She turned to write to find her happiness and loved to share her experiences as a mom on her blog.

Angela is a parenting influencer who started the Mommy Diary blog and is also the host for a podcast with the same name. Many might have come across her on Pinterest or Instagram, where she shares her stories through photography. Angela has inspired and guided thousands of parents in regards to lifestyle, motherhood, and traveling. She shares her experiences of how she overcame personal struggles as a stay-at-mom mother.

Reading has been Angela’s hobby for a long time. She pursued English and Visual Arts in college to become a professor. For years, she worked as an educator in a local university and was happy with her career. However, her first child was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder, SYNGAP1. To take care of her child, she decided to quit her job as an English professor and stay at home.

It was hard for Angela to put aside her ambitions to wake up early, cook meals, take care of her kids, and do the chores around the house. She was overwhelmed with all the household chores and couldn’t find any time to take care of herself and her mental well-being. Ultimately, that led to depression.

Fortunately, she found a way to share her experiences and connect with others through writing. She started Mommy Diary and wrote blogs on parenting and motherhood. The experiences she had with her children made her share a lot of valuable information appreciated by new parents around the world. Soon she became a parenting influencer online with her vast experience. Her focus was on postpartum depression and having children with special needs.

Angela often wonders what it would have been like if she started earlier during her parenthood journey. If only she didn’t hesitate and thought it was already too late to make another parenting blog. Then maybe, she could have been more successful than she is now. At the same time, however, Angela believes that it only worked well because she started at the perfect time and at her own pace.

When she made up her mind to become a blogger, she focused on working hard towards her goals. She reached out to other parents on social media to talk about their experiences and realizations after having a child. She also attended conferences that discussed parenthood, such as Boss Moms, Influential Summit, and Mom 2.0, to learn as much as she could. She was even nominated as Instagram of the Year by Mom 2.0, which is like the Oscars for mom bloggers!

Over the years, Angela J. Kim has worked with notable lifestyle brands such as Disney, Samsung, Starbucks, Target, H&M, Popsugar and Amazon among many others. With her beautiful photography, creative videos and professional writing skills, she continues to garner attention from brands and followers from around the world.

Currently, she is regarded as one of the leading Asian American lifestyle bloggers in the motherhood community and has built her business to staggering heights. Mommy Diary has also been featured in Healthline, Mother.ly, Popsugar, and other well-known websites. However, more than the attention and money, Angela loves her career mainly because she has improved as a mother and has helped other parents in their journeys. (Source: Flaunt.com)

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