153 // Katrina Torrijos // Adobe Express Evangelist // Creating Her Own Dream Career
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Katrina Torrijos, content creator and evangelist of Adobe Express, joins Jerry to share how the Torrijos family became Asian American, her childhood aspirations of performing, and her introduction to YouTube. Listen in as Katrina and Jerry discuss her journey from blogging as a hobby to creating content as a full-time Adobe Evangelist. You don’t want to miss it! Learn more about Adobe Express at Adobe.com/express

Meet Katrina
Katrina Torrijos is a full time creative based in San Jose, CA. She is a lifestyle YouTuber and streamer on Twitch and Adobe Express Evangelist. Her content mainly focuses around helping beginner and aspiring creatives pursue a full time creative career by providing them with tips and tools on how to get started as well as sharing personal stories and experiences I've learned during my career journey.

Connect with Katrina
: https://instagram.com/katrinatorrijos
Twitter: https://twitter.com/katrinatorrijos
YouTube: https://youtube.com/katrinatorrijos
Twitch: https://twitch.tv/katrinatorrijos
LinkedIn: https://linkedin.com/in/katrinatorrijos

Thanks to Adobe Express for making this episode possible!

And Happy Birthday to my brother Jay!

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