079 // Mary Chan // Podcast Strategist, Coach, and Host - Organized Sound Productions // Finding Her Voice
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"There's no better way to truly be your authentic self than when you are using your voice. And no one can take your story away from you. So share it!" - Mary Chan

Mary Chan joins Jerry on Episode 079 of Dear Asian Americans to share her story of growing up in Vancouver, how she found her way into radio, and why she is so passionate about sharing our stories through the podcast medium. Learn more about Mary at http://www.organizedsound.ca/

We celebrate the launch and growth of her thriving podcast production business for women, Organized Sound!

We support her mission and drive to bring stories of women globally to a podcast everywhere.

We are inspired by her dedication to constantly be learning and improving her craft to be the best producer, coach, and host she can be.

Meet Mary!
Born and raised in Vancouver to immigrant parents, I was told to stay quiet, even when we were laughing, and not ruffle any feathers. I wasn't allowed to have a voice and craved for someone to speak to.

Today, I want to give women self-confidence with their voice because I felt that I didn't have one growing up.

My little family now lives in beautiful Victoria, BC, Canada and have been living the island lifestyle since 2001. There's nothing about "in my spare time" as I believe that all creative aspects of my personal life help me recharge to be motivated for my work life. Everything is intertwined; knitting, sewing, creating a great meal from scratch, are all ways that keep my creativity flowing and fuel my business work at the same time.

I’m passionate and driven who loves to work with creativity, laughter, and with those who don't always take themselves
(Source: organizedsound.ca)

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Visible Voice Podcast: https://www.instagram.com/visiblevoicepodcast/

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