Energy Fuels (UUUU) - USAs No1 Uranium Producer Chasing REE Crown
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Energy Fuels is the leading US producer of Uranium, the fuel for carbon and emission free nuclear energy. Nuclear energy is expected to see strong growth in the coming years, as nations around the world work to provide plentiful and affordable energy, while combating climate change and air pollution. Energy Fuels is also a major US producer of vanadium and an emerging player in the commercial rare earth business where its work is helping to establish a fully integrated US supply chain. 

Energy Fuels is delighted to have recently reached the USD$1B market cap milestone. This market valuation increase tracks valuations of Uranium peers in the space which means there is also potential for further increase once their rare earths business has increased recognition in the marketplace. 

With a unique portfolio, Energy Fuels has more production capacity, licensed mines and processing facilities, and in-ground Uranium resources than any other US producer. Energy Fuels has diverse cash flow generating opportunities, including Vanadium production, Uranium recycling and rare earth processing. The addition of the rare earths business is really exciting for the company as they become a diversified, green energy company that can reduce carbon emissions and increase electrification of the world. 

Energy Fuels need Uranium prices to increase substantially to put their Uranium projects back into production to produce Uranium cost effectively but the rare earths business is moving forward as the company has their first Monazite contract signed. Energy Fuels are now processing Monazite and aims to increase the scale of production for economies of scale and believe that the rare earths business has potential for higher margins than Uranium in the long-term. 

It is early days for the rare earths business as Energy Fuels is currently making the carbonate and shipping to Estonia for separation. They plan to become fully integrated in the rare earths space and within a couple of years, the separation will also take place at White Mesa Mill as Energy Fuels becomes as independent as possible to become cost competitive with China. 

Energy Fuels is in a strong position with more than USD$80M in cash or working capital and they are debt free. Uranium equities are starting to move and it is a busy time for the company as the emphasis on clean energy, carbon free energy and electrification continues. 

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