2. Doug Young on Building a Vision, and Revolutionizing Dentistry
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Tooth decay, or dental caries, is the number one disease dentists treat. Yet, the common practice of drilling teeth does not cure the disease. Dr. Doug Young was one of the first to ask a seemingly simple question: If drilling does not cure the disease, why does it remain the first, and often only, option? Finding the answer led him to establish one of the pillars of modern dentistry.

Dr. Young describes his younger self as a "normal dentist." Not a famous researcher. No impressive background. He sought advanced degrees, determined to make real changes in the lives of patients. Thanks to his work, the outdated 'drill' and 'fill' approach to dentistry is increasingly replaced by cariology, a study of decay that includes treatment, prevention, and interruption of damage.

His work has directly impacted the organizations that worked to bring this change to light. Dr. Young is one of the founders of the Caries Management by Risk Assessment Coalition or CAMBRA, American Dental Education Association, Cariology Section, and the American Academy of Cariology or AAC.

Today, Dr. Young discusses how his experiences early in life shaped the man that he is today. His success is a testament to the selfless pursuit of knowledge for the greater good. He also reveals the origin of his love for the outdoors.


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What's In This Episode

  • What impact did mentorship have on the trajectory of Dr. Young's life?
  • How Dr. Young saw where her wanted to be and made a plan to achieve his vision.
  • Why the infrastructure around patient care needs to shift from 'pay per tooth' to preventative care.
  • A deeper look into the heart of Dr. Young.
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