Beyond 8 Figures
Beyond 8 Figures
Apr 27, 2021
The Rise of Acquisition Entrepreneurship with Parham Parastaran
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Parham Parastaran returns to Beyond 8 Figures to talk about acquisition entrepreneurship, shifting focus and his philanthropic work. Since his last visit, Parham exited his business for over $10M and now independently acquires mom and pop automotive stores. He’s also an advocate for entrepreneurs’ mental health. Catch up with Parham Parastaran on this week’s episode.

On today’s podcast:

  • Catching up with Parham since his last visit - 1:59
  • Acquisition entrepreneurship and how Parastaran is acquiring independent stores - 6:51
  • Merging acquired companies within your business - 9:34
  • Activity in acquiring mom and pop businesses- 12:28
  • How to find businesses that are selling - 17:00
  • How the focus of an entrepreneur has changed for Parastaran - 22:23
  • Being comfortable with not restructuring your acquisitions - 26:21
  • Working by yourself vs working with partners/ a team - 29:33
  • Learning from quitting and failures - 31:12
  • How Parham stopped his limiting beliefs - 34:40
  • How to dream big - 36:52
  • If your business is built off of fire and not in organized steps, it will crash - 41:18
  • Trends Parham is paying attention to - 42:36
  • Parham’s philanthropy - 46:54
  • Parham’s legacy - 49:14
  • “The better psychologically sound I became, the better businessman I become.” - 51:33

Key Takeaways: 

  • The goal is to make little change as possible when acquiring a business
  • Your second round of entrepreneurship will feel different
  • Until you quit something, you don’t see what it is
  • Don’t dream too low
  • Take care of your mind


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