Beyond 8 Figures
Beyond 8 Figures
Feb 1, 2023
Navigating Uncertainty on the Entrepreneurial Journey with Sartou Djibril, Enlight Ed
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Choosing the entrepreneurial route requires navigating uncertainty, being prepared for chaos, and being open to continuous learning and adaptation. In this episode, Sartou Djibril, co-founder and CCO of Enlight Ed, explains how building a strong team, listening to your target audience, and remaining humble can make the journey more advantageous for everyone involved! 

About Sartou Djibril:

Sartou spent most of her career working for tech companies, helping businesses and organizations to adopt digital solutions to achieve their goals. Today, Sartou is the co-founder and CCO of Enlight Ed, a two-end virtual tutoring platform that increases efficiency for students and teachers. 

Episode highlights:

  • The startup world is a lot more uncertain than the corporate one, and people aren’t always going to be ready for your ideas. Succeeding in this space requires patience, continuous learning, and making the most of the chaos. (12:12)
  • From the beginning of your entrepreneurial journey, focus on building a strong team. Without this foundation, it will be very difficult to get your business to where you want it to be. (27:51)
  • Experience is the greatest teacher. You can learn as much theory as you like, but until you actually put something into practice in the real world, you won’t have the full picture. (28:49)
  • Build your business based on what your target users actually want, not on what you think they want. The only way to do this is by interacting with those users, listening to their insights, and adapting your offering as you learn from them. (30:36)
  • Despite how it may appear, arrogance and pushiness do not have to characterize your approach to entrepreneurship. You can be strong and still remain humble and treat people with care. (41:20)

Sartou’s best advice for entrepreneurs:

“For many startups, the incompleteness of the team is one of the main obstacles. It’s hard to get something off the ground if you don’t have the core competencies in place from the beginning.” (27:51)

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