Jan 19, 2021
Episode 12: When you feel like you don’t belong anywhere
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Feeling like you fit in is hard, especially when you have many different identities. If you’ve ever felt like you put on a different mask every place you go, this episode is for you. We speak with Falcon Sang, a young artist from L.A., about how practicing Buddhism helped him find himself.
Key takeaway: If you’re willing to dig deeper, you’ll find that Buddhability is universal, and it can help you connect with anyone.
Cheat sheet:
00:30 Announcement: Send us your questions about love1:13 Introduction to the episode2:02 A little bit about Falcon’s childhood6:26 Why it’s important to know who you are7:26 How his childhood made him feel9:58 Where he went looking for answers18:07 Why Buddhism clicked for him22:38 How loneliness can be turned into a source of strength23:27 How Falcon’s anger started changing27:28 How he found a sense of purpose32:16 The passage that changed his life37:32 His dream for the future
CHITHEADS from Embodied Philosophy
CHITHEADS from Embodied Philosophy
Embodied Philosophy
Zhenevere Sophia Dao on Sexuality and the Transgender Necessity (#128)
In this episode we discuss: Post-Daoism as a philosophy reinterpreting depth psychology, qigong, and Daoism MogaDao as a practice at the intersection of somatic, queer, and socioerotic inquiry Socially imposed self-images versus deeply personal mythopoetic self-images The democratization of desire in all forms and socio-erotic experiences Spiritual significance of sex, sexuality, and desire as authentic expressions of a soul’s original virtue Consumeristic paradigm of sexuality as another attribute of power  The importance of trans people in society as leaders in and examples of radical authenticity Zhenevere Sophia Dao is a poet, novelist, playwright, and the director of the SACRa Theater Company. She has been a Stegner Fellow at Stanford University and has published fiction with Penguin Books. An independent scholar, she is the founder of the philosophy of Post-Daoism and the practice tradition of MogaDao, which incorporates original “mythosomatic” qigong forms and meditations, and spiritualized asana, in combination with academic studies in mythopoetics, comparative philosophy and religion, Depth Sexology, socioerotic and sociopolitical inquiry, and queer studies. A transgender woman, she is also the founder of The Transgender Necessity, a platform for public discourse which underscores the cultural necessity of transgender individuals.  See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
1 hr 20 min
The Connected Yoga Teacher Podcast
The Connected Yoga Teacher Podcast
Shannon Crow
208: Four Years of Podcasting with Shannon Crow
The Connected Yoga Teacher Podcast 208: Four Years of Podcasting with Shannon Crow Description: The Connected Yoga Teacher Podcast is celebrating its fourth anniversary! In this special episode, host Shannon Crow answers questions inspired by listeners and members of The Connected Yoga Teacher community. Shannon opens up about her inspiration for starting the podcast and what her journey has been like through the years of podcasting. She also shares a behind-the-scenes look at getting sponsorship for the podcast, and her advice on how to handle companies who approaching you with sponsorship offers. Shannon gets really vulnerable and shares some of the mistakes she made along the way, her thoughts on the community of Connected Yoga Teachers, and gives us a sneak preview of some projects she has in the pipeline. For anyone who’s wanted to get a glimpse behind the curtain of The Connected Yoga Teacher Podcast, this is the episode for you. Key Takeaways: [1:20] The Connected Yoga Teacher Podcast is celebrating its fourth anniversary! [2:52] Shannon gives a shout out to the sponsor of the podcast - Schedulicity. [4:33] Shannon thanks YOU for listening to the podcast! [6:40] Shannon reflects on the previous podcast anniversary episode. [9:39] If you still have questions for Shannon, send her a voicemail! [10:12] How did Shannon decide to start podcasting, and what was her journey to starting a podcast? [13:32] Shannon talks about her experiences in niching down, choosing a specialty and moving online. [19:50] There have been some huge challenges that have come up in Shannon's business recently. [21:33] How did Shannon get a sponsor for the podcast? [29:06] Shannon has some tips about if you're getting approached to get sponsored. [34:48] Think about also highlighting your own paid offerings when putting out free content. [35:42] What are some of the mistakes that Shannon has made? [39:16] What is Shannon's underlying "big Why" for starting the podcast and Facebook group? [44:19] What's next for Shannon? [50:55] Shannon shares some of her final thoughts and reflections on yoga today. Links: * Shannon Crow on Instagram * The Connected Yoga Teacher Facebook Group * The Connected Yoga Teacher Podcast * The Connected Yoga Teacher Podcast Episode 160: Milestones of My Yoga Business * Blue Ocean Strategy, by W. Chan Kim & Renée Mauborgne * The Connected Yoga Teacher Podcast Episode 095: Making a CEO Business Plan with Shannon Crow * Natalie Eckdahl * Pelvic Health Professionals * Sukhasana Chair (Code: TCYT10) * High End Hippie (Shampoo Bars) * Offering Tree * The Connected Yoga Teacher Podcast Episode 147: Core Strength Myths & Cues with Lauren Ohayon * What Does the Future Hold for Yoga Teachers? Live Show with Amber Karnes * Kelly Christian * The Connected Yoga Teacher Podcast Episode 154: Bookkeeping for Yoga Teachers with Kelly Christian Gratitude to our Sponsor Schedulicity. Quotes from this episode: "I wanted yoga teachers to see that collaborating together, supporting each other as professionals could really bring us all forward." - Shannon Crow "How can you create the blue ocean for yourself?" - Shannon Crow "If you start focusing on what you're really interested in, what you're really good at, and what people are really asking you for, it will evolve. Your niche will come out of that!" - Shannon Crow "If you want to create yoga offerings for a population that cannot pay, look for a company that can." - Shannon Crow
53 min
The Yogic Studies Podcast
The Yogic Studies Podcast
Yogic Studies
20. Suzanne Newcombe + Karen O'Brien-Kop | Routledge Handbook of Yoga and Meditation Studies
In today's episode we talk with Dr. Suzanne Newcombe and Dr. Karen O'Brien-Kop about their recent collaboration co-editing The Routledge Handbook of Yoga and Meditation Studies (2021), and the labor of love that went into creating this interdisciplinary collaboration. We also discuss the history of yoga studies, the difference between academic "field" and "discipline," how academic work can overlap with the daily spiritual practice of the scholar, and what makes Modern Yoga Studies a unique field. *Speaker Bios* Suzanne Newcombe is a senior lecturer in Religious Studies at the Open University, UK, and honorary director of Inform, based in Theology and Religious Studies at King’s College, London. She has published on topics relating to the popularisation of yoga and ayurveda including the monograph Yoga in Britain: Stretching Spirituality and Educating Yogis (2019). She researched the transformation of yoga and ayurveda in modern India as part of the ERC-funded AYURYOG project from 2015-2020.   Karen O’Brien-Kop is a lecturer in Asian Religions and Ethics at the University of Roehampton, UK, and was formerly a senior teaching fellow at SOAS University of London. She received her PhD from SOAS, titled Seed and Cloud of Liberation in Buddhist and Pātañjala Yoga: An Intertextual Study and continues to research classical Sanskrit texts on yoga and meditation. She has published articles in Religions of South Asia and the Journal of Indian Philosophy and is currently working on a monograph on classical yoga and Buddhism.   *Links *Listeners can receive 20% off the book with the promo code: *FLR40 (*Should apply to both hardcover and e-book versions). https://www.routledge.com/Routledge-Handbook-of-Yoga-and-Meditation-Studies/Newcombe-OBrien-Kop/p/book/9781138484863 * Routledge Handbook of Yoga and Meditation Studies (2021) * https://open.academia.edu/SuzanneNewcombe  * https://roehampton-online.academia.edu/KarenOBrienKop * YS 109 | Classical Yoga and Buddhism
1 hr 35 min
Being Well with Dr. Rick Hanson
Being Well with Dr. Rick Hanson
Rick Hanson, Ph.D., Forrest Hanson
Building Relationships That Last with Dr. Stan Tatkin
Relationships are hard, and making them last is even harder. Today we’re exploring how we can be happier and healthier in all of our relationships with a wonderful clinician, teacher, and researcher: Dr. Stan Tatkin. About our Guest: Dr. Stan Tatkin is an expert on human behavior, and particularly the unique dynamics found in couples relationships. He’s the creator of PACT: the Psychobiological Approach to Couples Therapy, and the author of six bestselling books, including _Wired for Love_ and _We Do._ Key Topics: 1:45: The importance of attachment. 5:30: What happens when children are neglected? 9:00: Finding safety in our relationships. 13:30: How to build safety through physical cues. 19:10: Apology, and building a culture in our relationships. 23:00: Finding common principles. 31:00: Dealbreakers, and entering relationships intentionally. 37:00: Fairness in our relationships. 45:30: Being and staying _interested._ 49:15: Trusting your partner’s experience. 54:50: The most important characteristics in a life partner. 57:00: What’s the most important thing you do each day for your own well-being? 58:30: A message to your younger self. 1:00:00: Recap _Sponsors:_ Join over a million people using BetterHelp, the world’s largest online counseling platform. Visit betterhelp.com/beingwell for 10% off your first month! Explore your creativity at Skillshare.com/BEINGWELL and get a free trial of their Premium Membership. Want to sleep better? Try the legendary Calm app! Visit calm.com/beingwell for 40% off a premium subscription. Connect with the show: * Follow Forrest on YouTube * Follow us on Instagram * Follow Rick on Facebook * Follow Forrest on Facebook * Subscribe on iTunes
1 hr 5 min
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