The Makerpad Podcast: An Introduction
Apr 7, 2020 · 1 min
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At Makerpad we teach people how to build software solutions without writing code. In this podcast, we will be talking to the founders of the no-code tools themselves, people like Vlad from Webflow Emmanuel from Bubble, and the founders and makers, professionals who are using tools and no-code solutions in their business to automate workflows, set up processes, and increase their productivity to allow themselves to be more creative at work. 

The no-code movement is so much more than building a small side project for yourself or a few others. It's about empowering the 99% of us who can't code or just don't have the time or want to build something quickly and validate it. So this podcast is about showing you the behind the scenes of the people who built the tools and why they built them, their stories and what's possible. Check out our show and if you enjoy what you're hearing, rate us and subscribe. Thanks!
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