Our Black Friday Rules, a Blind Smartphone Camera Bracket, & the Future of Apple Silicon
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In today's episode, Andrew pitches his new Mario Kart game mode, Marques gets his hopes up regarding Apple's new M1 chip, and then we go over some Black Friday planning and "rules" to live by. Lastly, we go behind the scenes of our annual blind smartphone camera bracket.







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Android Central Podcast
Android Central Podcast
Android Central
Where the Conversation Began
The FCC has a new Acting Chairperson, Jessica Rosenworcel, and reviews are in for Samsung's Galaxy S21 Ultra. As well, Hayato, Jerry, Ara, and Daniel share some Chromebook news and discuss the disparate landscape of messaging apps. Links: * Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra review: Fixed focus | Android Central * Samsung confirms it will 'gradually' remove the charger from future Galaxy phones | Android Central * Acting Chairwoman Rosenworcel on Designation to Lead FCC | Federal Communications Commission * Google threatens to withdraw search engine from Australia - BBC News * Google Play is unsportsmanlike, U.S. states likely to argue in potential lawsuit | Reuters * HP's new Chromebooks for schools are built to get disinfected daily | Android Central * New Acer Chromebooks for students bring 4G LTE and 20-hour battery life | Android Central * WeChat is spying on users in California according to a new lawsuit | Android Central * This app brings iMessage to Android, and you can sign up to use it right now | Android Central * Google Messages could soon stop working for certain Android phones | Android Central * The Galaxy S21 has a Google Messages app you won't find anywhere else | Android Central * MediaTek unveils flagship Dimensity 1100 and 1200 5G chips to challenge Snapdragon 888 | Android Central Sponsors: * Indeed: Indeed gives you the smart tools to make hiring decisions quickly, and to be confident that you’re making the right hire for your team. Try Indeed out with a free $75 credit at indeed.com/acp. Terms, conditions and exclusions apply. Offer valid through March 31.
1 hr 35 min
The WAN Show Podcast
The WAN Show Podcast
Linus Tech Tips
Intel is Staging a BIG Comeback! - WAN Show January 22, 2021
Try KernelCare Enterprise for free at https://hubs.ly/H0BNgj60 Remotely monitor and manage your server or PC at https://lmg.gg/pulsewayteams and get 20% off Pulseway's Teams plan when you sign up. Try FreshBooks free, for 30 days, no credit card required at https://www.freshbooks.com/wan Check out Carpool Critics, our new movie podcast: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCt-oJR5teQIjOAxCmIQvcgA Timestamps (Courtesy of MattDog_222): 0:15 Topic Preview 1:27 Intro 2:07 Intel beats Q4 targets with records  3:11 Intel's Numbers were leaked "hacked" and officially released early  3:50 Glenn Hinton returns to Intel  5:15 Nehalem  7:53 Hinton's words on returning  9:17 Super smart people think of super smart things (LTTStore.com)  11:08 What Ian Cutress from Tech Tech Potato suspects  11:53 Luke interjects about business leadership  14:18 Linus/LMG's leadership perspective  16:28 Do Luke's paychecks clear?  17:30 Recognizing the people behind a company + Competition  20:07 You have to look at the motivation  21:28 Is this the first major move to combat AMD?  22:49 Key talent attracts key talent 24:23 Google threatens to pull out of Australia over new link tax laws  25:05 Explanation of the 'link tax' law  26:40 Google is fearful of precedents set  27:11 Google tests value of Australian news  27:45 James' take + James   28:21 James currently banned on Twitter  28:54 James reaching out to Twitter (x2)  30:27 Argument about being paid for something  32:00 Concluding Google topic 32:18 Sponsors  32:20 KernelCare Enterprise  33:25 FreshBooks  34:25 Pulseway 35:19 LTT Store: Underwear in stock 36:50 LTT Store: Special Edition Holofoil Shirt 37:25 NVIDIA Max-Q changes   38:45 NVIDIA's Statement about the changes  40:38 Max-P isn't an official term 42:57 Raspberry Pi Launches $4 Pi Pico  43:40 Pi Pico's Specs  45:51 Luke's next famous quote + Min-maxing Hardware  48:05 Explaining to the YouTube audience what a stream is 49:00 LMG: Job Positions/Openings + Descriptions 51:02 VIK-on YouTube mods RTX2070 to 16GB VRAM 53:18 Twitter accused of profiting from CP + Trafficking  56:11 Some LMG job links are bugged 56:47 Superchats  56:55 Kirk or Picard (Star Trek) discussion  59:58 Luke's VR Setup & old living space revealed 1:07:11 Conclusion + LTT Store reminder and Floatplane solving Luke's old videos 1:09:00 Outro + Outro 2
1 hr 10 min
Noise Cancelling
Noise Cancelling
Noise Cancelling
48: LGBTQ+ Gaming Week on TechRadar and the craziest things we saw at CES
Can't find the time to keep up with tech news? Looking for some awesome lockdown listening? We have you covered with the Noise Cancelling podcast, which is brought to you by TechRadar (https://www.techradar.com/) and our sister sites Laptop Mag (https://www.laptopmag.com/) and Tom's Guide (https://www.tomsguide.com/) . The show is presented by Gareth Beavis, Global Editor in Chief of TechRadar, and features Sherri L. Smith, Editor in Chief of Laptop Mag. This week our guests are Ty Galiz-Rowe, Editor in Chief at Uppercut, and Jess Weatherbed, Computing writer at TechRadar, who join us (remotely, of course) to talk about the last seven days in tech. Your headlines for the show: 02:07 Big Question 09:21 Gadget Hall of Fame 18:13 LGBTQ+ Gaming Week 33:33 AD WD Black 35:44 Samsung Galaxy S21 review are coming 38:00 WandaVision 43:04 Resident Evil Village 48:40 News blast 51:10 AD Razer Book 13 54:41 CES 2021 best gadgets This week's podcast is sponsored by WD_Black - https://shop.westerndigital.com/c/all-products As well as Razer and the Razer Book 13 - https://www.razer.com/productivity-laptops/razer-book-13 As usual, we're talking about a variety of topics from the world of tech. We begin the show with this week's Big Question: Which video game developer do you want to see take on which famous brand? We chat all about TechRadar's LGBTQ+ Gaming Week and the amazing articles that have been written for writers all over the globe.  We give you all the information we have on Samsung's latest flagship phone series the Galaxy S21, S21 Plus, and S21 Ultra. And we round out by chatting all about our favorite things from CES 2021.  For all this and more, tune into the all-new Noise Cancelling podcast – you can subscribe on Spotify (https://open.spotify.com/show/4NLPDxcBncn7KU7EF3q8t4) , grab it on Apple podcasts (https://apple.sjv.io/c/221109/795481/7613?subId1=trd-gb-7664531788465918000&u=https%3A%2F%2Fpodcasts.apple.com%2Fus%2Fpodcast%2Fnoise-cancelling%2Fid1500948027%3Fign-mpt%3Duo%253D4) , or find us wherever you get your pods. New episodes land every Friday. Don’t forget to head over to TechRadar.com (http://techradar.com/) , LaptopMag.com (http://laptopmag.com/) and Tomsguide.com (http://tomsguide.com/) to read more Music by Lee Rosevere - Thought Bubbles Licenses under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 Internation (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) al
1 hr 7 min
This Week in Tech (Audio)
This Week in Tech (Audio)
TWiT 807: The Shuffle Button for Food - Biden and big tech, the end of Loon, Apple stock soaring, Clubhouse
Biden and big tech, the end of Loon, Apple stock soaring, Clubhouse * What the new Biden administration brings to the tech sphere. * Biden Has a Chance to Reshape Tech. Will He? * Biden names Slaughter to lead FTC, Rosenworcel to chair FCC. * Biden SEC pick is no stranger to crypto. * Google threatens to shut down Search in Australia if digital news code goes ahead. * Donald Trump pardons ex-Waymo, Uber engineer Anthony Levandowski. * Google is investigating the actions of another top AI ethicist. * Alphabet Pops Loon's Balloons—but Won't Call It a Failure. * Apple's Stock Closed at All-Time High Today Ahead of Earnings Results Next Week. * Apple Elaborates on Potential for iPhone 12 and MagSafe Accessories to Interfere With Implantable Medical Devices. * Clubhouse has secured a new round of funding led by Andreessen Horowitz. * Parler Reappears With Help From Russian-Owned Service. * Oversight Board accepts case on former US President Trump's indefinite suspension from Facebook and Instagram. * Netflix shares rise on strong subscriber growth considers share buybacks. * Netflix's 'Shuffle Play' feature will roll out to all users worldwide this year. * Microsoft invests in Cruise in the new $2 billion round. * As Adobe Flash stops running, so do some railroads in China. * The cutthroat war to dominate China's grocery delivery industry. * Instacart cuts 1,877 jobs, including its only union roles. * Put Bernie Anywhere! * Retiring Tucows Downloads. * LG considers exiting smartphones in 2021. * Raspberry Pi Foundation launches $4 microcontroller with a custom chip. * Pebble founder promises iMessage on Android and Windows with a universal chat app. * TikTok star behind 'Wellerman' sea shanty craze quits job as a mailman. Host: Leo Laporte Guests: Louise Matsakis, Patrick Beja, and Nate Lanxon Download or subscribe to this show at https://twit.tv/shows/this-week-in-tech Sponsors: * Amazon.com/TWITRX * WWT.COM/TWIT * www.stamps.com - promo code: TWIT * casper.com/twit1 - promo code: TWIT1
2 hr 30 min
Talking Cars (MP3)
Talking Cars (MP3)
Consumer Reports
#291 2021 Hyundai Elantra First Impressions; Why a Fender Bender Can Be So Expensive
We recently purchased a new 2021 Hyundai Elantra for the Consumer Reports auto testing program, and we share our first impressions on the performance, infotainment, and styling of this small sedan. We also discuss why many modern cars seem to lack a traditional bumper, and why the cost of minor dings and fender benders can be surprisingly expensive. We also discuss the role a tire's sidewall can play in ride comfort, recent government reports regarding booster seat weight limits and how they impact CR's testing, and if a car from Alaska could have any issues at its new home in Florida.     ----------------------------------- Have a question for our experts? Leave a comment on this episode, or reach out to us directly!   From your iOS device, iMessage us at TalkingCars@icloud.com to send a photo, video, or text directly to the Talking Cars team!   We love to feature our viewers on the show, so submit video questions at https://www.consumerreports.org/cars-talking-cars/   Subscribe to Talking Cars on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/4Jr8wJRJyN9v8T6LC1fQQ6     SHOW NOTES ----------------------------------- 00:00 - Introduction 00:29 - 2021 Hyundai Elantra First Impressions 14:00 - Question #1: Why many modern cars seem to lack a traditional bumper? 16:55 - Question #2: How recent government reports regarding booster seat weight limits impact CR’s testing? 22:53 - Question #3: What role does a tire’s sidewall play in the car’s ride comfort? 25:01 - Question #4: What issues could a car from Alaska have at its new home in Florida?     ----------------------------------  Redesigned 2021 Hyundai Elantra Goes High-Tech and Hybrid https://www.consumerreports.org/small-cars/2021-hyundai-elantra-review/   2017 Hyundai Elantra Quick Drive https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m1hxLaQO1Gg   When Is the Right Time for a Booster Seat? https://www.consumerreports.org/booster-seats/when-is-the-right-time-for-a-booster-seat   Coronavirus Resource Hub https://www.consumerreports.org/coronavirus/coronavirus-covid-19-updates/     ----------------------------------- Check out http://www.ConsumerReports.org for the latest reviews, tips, and recommendations and subscribe to our YouTube Channel: http://bit.ly/1Nlb1Ez    Follow Us on Social: Facebook: http://on.fb.me/1IQ2w5q Twitter: http://bit.ly/1Yf5Fh2 Pinterest: http://bit.ly/1P37mM9 Instagram: http://bit.ly/1I49Bzo Google+: http://bit.ly/1Md3gfQ
29 min
Alphabet Scoop | 9to5Google
Alphabet Scoop | 9to5Google
Alphabet Scoop 110: Galaxy S21 hands-on, everything at CES 2021, and Fitbit
This week we recap everything announced by Samsung today at the Galaxy S21 event from the trio of phones to new earbuds and a tracker. We then highlight the top things announced at an otherwise quiet CES 2021. Alphabet Scoop is available on Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Castro, Pocket Casts, Overcast, and through our dedicated RSS feed. New episodes of Alphabet Scoop are recorded every Thursday afternoon at 4-5 PM ET and published on Friday mornings. Subscribe to our podcast in Google Play or your favorite podcast player to guarantee new episodes are delivered as soon as they're available. Hosts: * Abner Li * Ben Schoon * Kyle Bradshaw Links: * Galaxy S21 unboxing and first impressions: No charger, but a whole lot of phone [Video] * Samsung Galaxy S21 series goes official w/ Snapdragon 888, S Pen, $200 price drop * Galaxy Buds Pro can cancel out or amplify ambient noise, switch between devices for $199 * Samsung ditches microSD card support on all Galaxy S21 models * Samsung is bringing SmartThings to Android Auto * Samsung Galaxy SmartTag works like a Tile tracker, available from $29 * Google Messages is ‘native’ on Samsung Galaxy S21 as Discover is default feed * Asus Chromebook Flip CM5 goes Ryzen with gaming-centric keyboard * Acer Chromebook Spin 514 launches next month with AMD Ryzen, starts at $479 * Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 cuts costs w/ $549 starting price, mid-range specs * TCL adopts Google TV in 2021 models starting in the United States * Sony embraces the new Google TV interface on 2021 ‘Bravia XR’ lineup * TCL and Alcatel launching trio of Android tablets, including one w/ color E Ink competitor * Google completes acquisition of Fitbit, reiterates privacy promises * Fitbit says Google deal won’t affect third-party services * Google Store marks Fitbit acquisition closing with prominent banner message Feedback? Drop us a line at gtips@9to5g.com. You can also rate us in Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, or recommend us in Pocket Casts to help more people discover the show.
1 hr 10 min
The Vergecast
The Vergecast
The Verge
Galaxy S21 Ultra review / Apple redesign rumors / Paramount Plus and 2021's streaming services
The Verge's Nilay Patel, Dieter Bohn, Julia Alexander, and Chaim Gartenberg discuss the Verge review of Samsung's Galaxy S21 Ultra, the numerous rumors about Apple's future products, and ViacomCBS's new rebranded streaming service. Further reading: Amazon offers to help Biden administration with vaccinations CES showed off the COVID-19 mask gimmick arms race Joe Biden halts US withdrawal from World Health Organization Biden appoints Jessica Rosenworcel as acting FCC chair FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel on staying connected during a pandemic The US will rejoin the Paris climate agreement, but that was the easy part Joe Biden cancels Keystone XL permit President Biden to use Defense Production Act for masks, vaccines WhiteHouse.gov now has dark mode Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra review: The Real Deal Apple’s VR and AR headsets detailed in new report Apple is reportedly prototyping foldable iPhone screens Apple reportedly planning big iMac redesign and half-sized Mac Pro 2021 MacBook Pro will ditch the Touch Bar and bring back MagSafe, say reports Netflix had a record year in 2020, thanks in part to the pandemic Paramount Plus, ViacomCBS’s new rebranded version of CBS All Access, launches on March 4th Netflix had a record year in 2020, thanks in part to the pandemic A visit from the Zune squad Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
1 hr 19 min
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