Apple's Bob Borchers and Tim Millet Talk the M1 Chip & Brandon Havard Explains Cinematic Intros
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Today, we dive briefly into Bunny the talking dog and the PS5 launch, before sitting down with Apple's Bob Borchers, VP of Product Marketing, and Tim Millet, VP of Platform Architecture, to talk about the recently-announced Apple Silicon M1 chip. Next, we bring in MKBHD Visual Director, Brandon Havard, to explain the magic behind some of the recent eye-catching MKBHD intro shots.


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Bunny the Dog:

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The Vergecast
The Vergecast
The Verge
Trump banned from Twitter, Facebook, and others / Parler banned from app stores
Nilay Patel, Dieter Bohn, Adi Robertson, and Casey Newton chronicle the week since the Capitol riot: Trump gets deplatformed and Parler is removed from app stores. Further reading: It’s 2021, and the pandemic is still here  FDA tells US health providers not to modify COVID-19 vaccine dose schedule Florida counties use Eventbrite to schedule COVID-19 vaccine appointments Twitter permanently bans Trump Twitter is deleting Trump’s attempts to circumvent ban Twitter bans QAnon supporters, including former national security adviser Michael Flynn Twitter pulls Trump video that it said posed a ‘risk of violence’ Facebook bans Trump ‘indefinitely’ YouTube says it will punish Trump and other channels that continue to spread election lies YouTube removes Trump video addressing Capitol attack Platforms take action against Trump after Capitol mob attack Reddit bans r/donaldtrump forum for inciting violence Twitch disables Trump’s account indefinitely Big Tech pauses political spending after Capitol riot: Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Airbnb are pausing spending Shopify takes down Trump’s campaign store Google pulls Parler from Play Store for fostering calls to violence Apple removes Parler from the App Store Parler CEO says even his lawyers are abandoning him Parler is gone for now as Amazon terminates hosting Parler posts, some with GPS data, have been archived by an independent researcher Parler sues Amazon for kicking it off the internet Why the post-Capitol deplatforming was necessary Trump’s ban from Twitter creates the ultimate case of link rot in posts across the internet Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
1 hr 13 min
Android Central Podcast
Android Central Podcast
Android Central
CES 2021 Preview
Joe, Jerry, Daniel, and Ara discuss WhatsApp requiring its users to share data with Facebook. They also touch on Facebook's ban of President Trump before moving on to a massive preview of phones, Chromebooks, and other devices being announced at CES 2021. Links: * WhatsApp now requires you to share data with Facebook — here's what you need to know | Android Central * Facebook suspends President Trump 'indefinitely' | Android Central * Google and Alphabet workers are forming an 'innovative' union in the U.S. | Android Central * Google is far from perfect, but with a union, things can get better | Android Central * Lenovo's new Tab P11 tablet is the Galaxy Tab S7 you can actually afford | Android Central * Alexa Show Mode turns your Lenovo PC into an Echo Show display | Android Central * Samsung supports Google Duo and screen sharing in its new QLED TVs | Android Central * Samsung's new QLED TVs show its commitment to sustainability | Android Central * The $700 Galaxy Chromebook 2 could be the most interesting Chromebook of 2021 | Android Central * The new Acer Chromebook Spin 514 is ready to rule 2021 with Ryzen | Android Central * Motorola's new $400 5G phone overshadows three baffling Moto Gs launching January 14 | Android Central * Samsung Galaxy S21: News, Leaks, Release, Specs, and Rumors! | Android Central * Furbo Dog Camera: Treat Tossing, Full HD Wifi Pet Camera and 2-Way Audio, Designed for Dogs, Compatible with Alexa (As Seen On Ellen), white (001-01WHTOA-1): Amazon Devices
1 hr 44 min
Noise Cancelling
Noise Cancelling
Noise Cancelling
47: The Galaxy S21 has been announced and our favourite CES 2021 gadgets
Can't find the time to keep up with tech news? Looking for some awesome lockdown listening? We have you covered with the Noise Cancelling podcast, which is brought to you by TechRadar ( and our sister sites Laptop Mag ( and Tom's Guide ( . The show is presented by Gareth Beavis, Global Editor in Chief of TechRadar, and features Sherri L. Smith, Editor in Chief of Laptop Mag. This week our guests are James Peckham, Mobile Editor at TechRadar, and John McCann, Deputy Editor at TechRadar, who join us (remotely, of course) to talk about the last seven days in tech. Your headlines for the show: 00:00 Dream Smart Mask features 09:00 Gadget Hall of Fame 16:09 Galaxy S21 all you need to know 21:19 Samsung Smart Tags 23:20 AD Razer Book 13 26:52 Are Rollable screens the Future 33:09 Best CES 2021 TVs 37:25 Best CES 2021 Cars 46:01 CES Laptops round up 51:55 AD Western Digital WD Black 54:05 News Blast new record 56:12 CES 2021 Quiz 59:07 Bye! This week's podcast is sponsored by WD_Black - As well as Razer and the Razer Book 13 - As usual, we're talking about a variety of topics from the world of tech. We begin the show with this week's Big Question: What tech features would you add to a smart mask? We give you all the information we have on Samsung's latest flagship phone series the Galaxy S21, S21 Plus, and S21 Ultra. We chat all about CES and John inducts his Ferrari F40 model car into the gadget hall of fame.  Meanwhile, Unpopular Opinions is replaced by our big fat CES 2021 quiz, how many answers did you get right? For all this and more, tune into the all-new Noise Cancelling podcast – you can subscribe on Spotify ( , grab it on Apple podcasts ( , or find us wherever you get your pods. New episodes land every Friday. Don’t forget to head over to ( , ( and ( to read more Music by Lee Rosevere - Thought Bubbles Licenses under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 Internation ( al
1 hr 2 min
The WAN Show Podcast
The WAN Show Podcast
Linus Tech Tips
I Hope you HATE Buying Graphics Cards - WAN Show January 8, 2021
Visit and use offer code WAN for 10% off Learn more about Kite at Download Kite today at Keep your feet dry and get $25 off each pair at Vessi with offer code WANSHOW at Check out Carpool Critics, our new movie podcast: Timestamps (Courtesy of SirTobiGoodboy) 0:37 Recap of topics  2:00 Intro 2:13 Carmen Sandiego 4:46 GPUs getting more expensive  5:16 Import tariffs increasing prices 7.5% to 25%  6:20 Tariffs implemented in 2018 and exemptions expired  7:00 Shipping costs increasing  7:50 Canadian computer prices falling  11:12 General tariff and trade discussion  11:52 Foxconn US factory         15:40 Price Creep of GPUs  17:40 Now is the time to pick up gaming laptops 18:20 RTX 3080 MaxQ far slower than desktop  18:43 RTX 3000 power efficiency is not enough for laptops  19:45 GPU prices will never be competitive again due to the shortage debacle.   21:06 GTX 1080ti performance equivalent for RTX 3080 MaxQ  22:02 Performance parity gone between desktop and laptop  24:49 Detailed specifications  26:40 Potentially confusing marketing and nomenclature 29:19 GPU rating system proposal 39:20 Sponsor Spots  39:24 Kite  40:07 Squarespace  41:05 Vessi 42:27 LTTStore 47:05 WhatsApp Facebook data sharing  47:54 Video calling tangent 51:19 Self image and body modification tangent 1:11:11 WhatsApp Facebook data sharing  1:11:16 Data to be shared 1:12:34 Ikea created mockups for new consoles (unclear validity) 1:13:11 Trump permabanned on Twitter  1:13:45 Many other apps and websites banning Trump 1:15:47 Switch Pro leak/rumor 1:16:49 Superchats  1:18:17 Outro
1 hr 19 min
Mobile Tech Podcast with tnkgrl Myriam Joire
Mobile Tech Podcast with tnkgrl Myriam Joire / Gorilla Voice Media
Samsung Galaxy S21 launch date, OnePlus Nord N10 5G for the US hands-on, new Moto G lineup, and Redmi 9T first impressions with Ross Rubin of Reticle Research
It's time for episode 198 of the Mobile Tech Podcast with guest Ross Rubin of Reticle Research -- brought to you by Audible. In this action packed episode, we discuss the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S21-series launch, the $299 OnePlus Nord N10 5G for North America, plus Moto's new One Ace 5G and G-series lineup. We also cover Xiaomi's latest phones (including the affordable Redmi 9T I recently unboxed), and Qualcomm's new Snapdragon 480 5G budget SoC. Episode Links - Donate: - Support the podcast with Audible: - Ross Rubin: - Samsung Galaxy S21 line launching January 14: - My OnePlus Nord N10 5G for North America hands-on: - Moto One 5G Ace, G Stylus, G Power, and G Play: - Redmi 9T: - My Redmi 9T first impressions and unboxing: - Redmi Note 9T 5G: - Xiaomi Mi 10i 5G: - Poco F2 rumors: - Qualcomm Snapdragon 480 5G: - Huawei Kirin 9010 3nm rumors:
1 hr 12 min
This Week in Google (Audio)
This Week in Google (Audio)
TWiG 594: Chastity Does Not Come Cheap - Tech reaction to DC insurrection, CES 2021, sea-shanty TikTok
* A look at Sea-shanty TikTok! * How Twitter, YouTube, Parler, Amazon, and AirBnB responded to DC insurrection * Jeff Jarvis talks about Parler and Trump on BBC * Angela Merkel does not agree with Twitter deplatforming Trump * Is Leo missing anything by not being on Twitter? * Mike Masnick weighs in on Twitter's Trump ban * The cybersecurity scenario from the DC riot is a nightmare * The Digital Consumer Electronics Show 2021 is just not the same * TCL shows off its rollable and scrollable prototypes * LG gives a release date for its rollable device * Razer unveils a smart mask that is quite innovative * Android Auto to gain wallpaper support * Guest Mode, aka Incognito Mode, is out on Assistant speakers * Google fixes a bug in its Android COVID-19 API * Google Meet now has a troubleshooting menu * YouTube includes a new hashtag section * Google Maps shows a 2020 Timeline update * Weber has acquired smart oven maker June * WhatsApp exodus leads to spike in users for Signal * Craig Newmark funds Commission on Information Disorder * Former Trump cybersecurity chief Chris Krebs hired by SolarWinds * Github fired an employee for warning co-workers about Nazis * Quibi sold for less than $100M to Roku Picks: * Mathew: My new favorite word * Jeff: $428b in shopping returns * Ant: Tourbox NEO Photo by Kyle Mills on Unsplash Hosts: Leo Laporte, Jeff Jarvis, and Ant Pruitt Guest: Mathew Ingram Download or subscribe to this show at Sponsor: * promo code TWIT30
1 hr 48 min
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