Episode 22 - Carol Roth - The War On Small Business.
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This week, The Pack visits with Carol Roth (@caroljsroth on Twitter). Carol is a vociferous advocate for small business. She is also the Creator of the Future File®️ legacy-planning system, a national media personality, billion-dollar dealmaker, brand spokesperson, investor, board member and a bestselling author.  

Carol takes The Pack though her upcoming book, talks about the NFL and names the greatest running-back of all time, and tackles government overreach and the devastating impact that both the government and Covid 19 have had on small business in America. Touching on China, PPE, supply chains, and the unemployment rate, Carol covers pretty much everything under the sun.

Carol was named a Top-100 Small Business Influencer for 2011-2015 by Small Biz Trends. She has written hundreds of articles for a variety of outlets. Additionally, she is a sought-after emcee, speaker, and moderator at events that included the Virgin Atlantic Conference with Richard Branson, the Chicago Cubs Convention, VALIC, Entrepreneur, and many others.

Carol is the creator of Future File. The Future File system provides you and your loved ones two roadmaps for legacy-planning. The first helps you to organize your wishes and provides important information for your loved ones. The second helps your loved ones know what to do when the time comes.


Sit back, pour yourself a drink, and enjoy. 


Links for Carol Roth & topics covered on the podcast.







3:83     Carol and The Pack talk about the NFL and getting her to be a Lions fan.

4:42     How Carol came up with “The war on small business” and the Pandemic.

8:51     Small business are the backbone of 99.9% of the world economy and lets just shut it down for 2 weeks.

11:49     Dan predicts the pandemic in 2018 and gets boo’ed.

13:28     China, Free Speech and Capitalism.

16:52     Empires, the crushing weight of debt and the attack on small business.

24:22     Small Business, the pandemic supply chain, and no booze in Pennsylvania.

30:14     Government Overreach and misspent funding during Covid 19.

34:39     The march towards UBI and Zombie Companies.

36:55     Passive Investment Vehicles and Frauds.

39:14     SPAC Jesus, RTO’s and the golden age of IPO’s.

42:32     Central planning – the soft takeover and dept we cannot service.

46:48     We don’t have a revenue problem we have a spending problem.

51:27     Provident funds, let me invest my own money.

54:24     Why we need a viable 3rd party and inflation.

56:59     The Fed and faux independence.

1:01:50   Free Speech, social media, and censorship

1:04:53   What can people do to help small business.

1:09:43   I got an action figure.

1:12:13   An amazing summary and closing from Carol.

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