The True ’Clean’ Circular Economy with Adrian R. Douen - Part 1
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Part 1 of 2 What an honour it is to introduce a kind humble gentleman, Mr Adrian R. Douen, from Trinidad and Tobago - the last tropical island in the chain of the Carribean Islands.  It sounds heavenly, and a definite future holiday spot. Listen to Mr Douen's famous folklore tale dating back to the late 1400's linking his well-known surname to this island, his forefather being one of the first French Aristocrat family settlers of Trinidad and Tobago.  Mr Douen is also referred to as 'Jesus on earth' by his friends, due to a severe accident he had in 2017, leaving him immobile for over 3 years - and his spiritual emergence from this time, is truly remarkable. Mr Douen is a proud family man with two successful children.  He brings to the table a wealth of executive leadership, serving as a Professional Consultant and Diplomat for the Trinidad and Tobago Government in the Oil and Gas industry for over three decades. As the Chairman and CEO of several global companies that form The True Circular Economy Solution, Mr Douen and his Team are at the forefront of innovations relating to renewable energy, recycling, large emergency inflatable structures, water production, and high tech agricultural technologies - which he speaks into over 2 Podcast episodes. Mr Douen has high level involvement within the gold and precious gems and mining industry. Via these companies, he also provides electrical vehicles, solar equipment, and sustainable homes built from recycled materials.  He is also Consultant and Advisor to multiple new energy companies. 

  In addition to these positions, Mr Douen is on the Advisory Board of a NGO headed by the former President of Trinidad and Tobago, named Carbon Zero Institute of Trinidad and Tobago, an educational learning platform.  And he is a covenant member of the Living Water Community, the UN Representative for Refugees in Trinidad and Tobago, as well as Barbados. I know you'll appreciate Mr Douen's generosity in sharing not only his wisdom but also that of his company's circular economy intelligence.  It's a clear message for us to pay attention to our natural surroundings and the actions we take right now to do our bit in saving the planet.  We can all make a difference with just small daily steps, along with our community and those in official Government roles, so we remain on course towards a bigger plight - to preserve and save our planet for our children to flourish in, and to reach the generation of their children's children and so forth. If you would like specialist advise from Mr Douen and his Team or to help with this enormous plight, please get in touch with him via these links: Instagram: LinkedIn: Clubhouse: Adrian Douen @adouen Thank you for your time Adrian, it's very gracious of you and I appreciate you.  Do keep us posted with the great works you and your Team members do for our people, and the larger communities/countries. You can reach Marie here:   
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