What There Is
"Jobs come and go, physical beauty fades. Even close relationships can end. But the benefits of philosophy last a lifetime." -NYC Subway Ad 🧨🍄☄️🍊🔑🌼🧀🦜🌵🧤👗🦋💎🐟☂️🪁🛹 This is a series of philosophy lectures set to music, the idea being that the music helps shape the teachings into a more digestible form, and allows you to listen to them in any state (driving, exercising) and remain engaged with the text. The first season features lectures by Alan Watts, who has been described as a teacher of Buddhist and Hindu philosophy with a knack for making them sensible to Western audiences. They pertain to the most fundamental of questions: what is reality? [note: the lectures are from the 60s and occasionally some of the language used is outmoded by today's standards]
What There Is
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