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Feb 1, 2023
(Part 2) Luminous Education - changing the culture of education with guest Dr. Edith Ubuntu Chan | Episode 19
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Dr. Edith Ubuntu Chan is a teacher of consciousness and human potential, a Holistic Chinese Medicine Doctor, author, speaker, coach, and mama of two Luminous Kids. Her journey began in 2003 after a series of meditation-induced mystical experiences that changed her perception of human possibilities forever. Since then, she has devoted her life to unlocking the secrets to our Human Potential. Her work weaves together ancient wisdom with the new science of consciousness, medicine, and spirituality. 

Dr. Edith's first book SuperWellness features a foreword by Wim Hof and offers a powerful distillation of her first 15 years of clinical experience. Her upcoming 2nd book "Luminous Kids, Luminous Education" explores humanity's transition into the new paradigm of awakened living - with a focus on children, education, parenthood, and family life. It draws inspiration from her personal journey of conscious conception, home birth, child-led self-directed education, homeschooling, unschooling, community building, and holistic family life. It aims to spark a new conversation about our evolution in consciousness as a human family.

Dr. Edith’s academic background includes a Doctoral Degree from Five Branches University in Endocrinology & Neuromuscular Medicine, a 4-year graduate degree from American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and a Bachelors with Magna Cum Laude in Applied Mathematics from Harvard University.

In 2021, Dr. Edith launched the Luminous Education Revolution program, supporting families in transitioning into the new paradigm of education,  homeschooling/unschooling, village building, and awakened parenthood. Through her writings, coaching, workshops and seminars, Dr. Edith helps thought-leaders and change makers become masters of their Energy and Life, so that they can lead and serve at the highest levels.

Having gone through a series of mystical experiences has helped our guest, Dr. Edith Ubuntu Chan, as a writer, speaker, coach, transformational retreat creator, and mother. In this episode, we start with questioning “Who am I, Why Am I Here?” lead Dr. Edith to the new paradigm of Luminous Education, a huge leap of faith to break-free from programming to follow orders and instead to truly uncover what it takes for our kids to learn the skills to do life. Edith asks us who would we be if we weren’t so afraid of mistakes. She expands on the ways the status quo educational system is conditioning our children into helplessness through manipulation of rewards and punishment, shame and approval, a form of domestication to please. The good news: the industrial education model is crumbling, and we are entering a new paradigm in the culture of education. We explore the conversation Dr. Edith had with her son before conception and the wave of baby spirits coming to blanket the world in light. This interview is one of the best and most important interviews of our time reminding us to create a world worthy of our children. You do not want to miss this passionate, awe-inspiring conversation of what it takes to live a life that is fully lived.


Show Notes:

2:20 – Questioning “Who am I, Why Am I Here?” lead Edith to the new paradigm of Luminous Education

7:00 – Moving from separation to inter-being

10:30 – Community, The Individual, Education, Technology - you cannot fundamentally change one thing, without changing everything else

12:40 – Six Phases of Transitioning to Luminous Education (don’t miss this).

25:00 – Parents are unschooling: a huge leap of faith to break programming to follow orders

34:00 – How do we teach our kids to discover they are the authority of their own learning journey? 

37:10 – The conversation Dr Edith had with her son before conception and the wave of baby spirits coming to blanket the world in light. 

50.02 –Dr Edith’s parenting shake up: education system is conditioning our children to helplessness through manipulation of rewards and punishment, shame + approval, a form of domestication to please.

54:00 – Children have an internal magnetism that guides self-directed learning which requires our own authenticity, authority and community 

1:03:00 – How do we give a child what he/she needs to develop into a full member of society- passionate teachers, knowledge, skill, values?

1:05:00 – Tears! Tears! Luminous Education:18 classes that will give you emotional flashbacks to your own childhood and flashforwards to the future.

1:08:00 – Who would we be if we weren’t so afraid of mistakes? Hint: our fear of making mistakes turns our whole life into a mistake

1:18:30 Breaking free from old programming creates a field effect. Wow!

1:25:30 – Creating a world worthy of our children

We invite you to use our link to watch 18 incredible classes by world renowned guest speaker Luminous Education video series! The small kick back from purchasing will go towards supporting the We Are Not SAM campaign, continuing to spread the Safe Technology message. And there’s no extra cost to you.

Luminous Education Revolution is a video series program, where Dr. Edith is joined by world-class speakers including Charles Eisenstein, Mas Sajady, Matías De Stefano, Penny Kelly, Dr. Barre Paul Lando, Gabriel Miguel, Dr. Peter Gray, Dayna Martin, and more, to bring profound depth and wisdom in a format that goes far beyond homeschooling, or unschooling. This program allows us to let go of the archaic paradigm and discover our natural intelligence and brilliance, exploring the deeper essence of who we are as human beings. It encourages a more natural, joyful and fulfilling way to nurture your kids AND yourself.  The best of holistic education, homeschooling, unschooling, self-directed learning, awakened parenthood, plus ancient memories, future vision, and holistic family life. ​


To follow and find out more about Dr. Edith Ubuntu Chan’s work, please visit:

Luminous education & parenting:

Edith’s personal website (Consciousness & Human Potential coach)



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