Episode 52: 1996 Channel Tunnel Fire
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Six hellish months have passed away On the cold Kamchatka Sea, But now we're bound from the Arctic ground Rolling down to Old Maui

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What a Hell of a Way to Die
What a Hell of a Way to Die
What a Hell of a Way to Die
Should You Move to Alaska for the Money? (No)
This was supposed to be an episode with a detailed, thought-out script. However, we got on the topic of bad weather and the state of Alaska, and by the end of it we found we’d devoted 40 minutes to The Last Frontier. So, it’s more of a DadChat than anything else! We do discuss a recent video of terrible CQB training at 10th Mountain, and why you should probably stop training if it looks like your soldiers are going to shoot each other (this conversation starts at 39:43). You can watch the video yourself here: https://twitter.com/woobie_1_kenobi/status/1363529993788272646?s=19 For this week’s bonus, we've got Carey and Joe back to have yet another zoo crew session, this time to discuss (among other things) the way that video games become popular representations of American military history. This (and all DadChat / Zoo Crew episodes) are available on the Patreon for $1 a month. Get it here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/47841741 *SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT* We now have a storefront to sell the patches, buttons, and magnets that we also give out as flair for our $10 tier. Buy some sweet gear here: https://www.hellofawaytodie.com/shop We have a YouTube channel now -- subscribe here and get sweet videos from us in which we yell in our cars like true veterans: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwlHZpNTz-h6aTeQiJrEDKw You can follow the show on Twitter here: @HellOfAWay Follow Nate here: @inthesedeserts Follow Francis here: @ArmyStrang
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