Unblock Your Money Sh!t
Heather Doran
This is Unblock Your Money Shit Podcast! You are not here by accident! You came to this life, at this time, to thrive and love waking up everyday! It’s time to stop the energy of hustle, struggle, and constantly worrying about money. It’s time you thrive with money for a fulfilling life you love. This podcast is dedicated to talking about the energy of money and how your subconscious beliefs keep you stuck, broke and living an unfulfilled cycle. I am your host, Heather Doran, an accountant, turned neuroscience and money-energy geek. I want you to understand how powerful you are when it comes to attracting the flow of money to your reality with ease and abundance. My passion is to help women & men just like you change your relationship with money by tapping into the abundance and unlimited potential surrounding you each day. This podcast is for everyday people stuck in the cycle of overwhelm, feelings of never having enough, and in the the cycle of constantly worrying about money. Now lets call in the abundant energy of money! I believe it is every human’s birthright to have all their life’s desires. In the modern world, that means having and allowing the abundance of money easily in our lives daily. Using knowledge from certifications I received in NLP, hypnotherapy, and mind & body connection, I will teach you how to tap into the flow of money and abundance with ease. You will hear interviews from teacher, leaders and professionals that are experts in their field helping souls find abundance, peace and ease daily.
Unblock Your Money Sh!t
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