S6E5 - Ask Brian
Wiedergabe • 27 Min.

Like, seriously: Do ask him… or “it,” to be precise: AskBrian is an AI-powered assistant designed to help consultants and consultancy marketers get sh#t done… and it’s finding more and more friends among professionals. We wanted to know what all the fuss was about – so we asked Ask Brian founder and CEO Pavol Sikula to join us and explain. Oh, and we discussed marketing an "AI service", too!

Episode guest: Pavol Sikula, founder and CEO, AskBrian

Voices, production, etc. by Ash and Flo. Creative and design advice by @calmar.creativ Into, outro voiceover by @iamthedakota Music also by @iamthedakota

Pls. find the shownotes to this episode at unbillable-hrs.com!

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