DNA Unlocked: The Promise and the Potential
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Welcome to DNA Unlocked, a special edition podcast series produced by The Scientist’s Creative services Team. This series is brought to you by Amgen, which is a pioneer in the science of using living cells to make biologic medicines. They helped invent the processes and tools that built the global biotech industry, and have since reached millions of patients suffering from serious illnesses around the world with their medicines.

Since the initial sequencing of the human genome almost twenty years ago, researchers have been enticed by an explosion of DNA data. These sequences hold the promise of understanding human biology, transforming drug research and development, and curing diseases. However, the quest to generate insights from human genetics and -omics research has been full of twists, turns, and roadblocks. In DNA UNLOCKED, Ray Deshaies, senior vice president of Global Research at Amgen, explores the ever-evolving perception of human biology and disease processes thanks to a growing mountain of genetics and omics data. Through discussions with colleagues and other leading research experts, Deshaies unpacks how drug developers decode human genetics to solve some of the most challenging diseases.


Sequencing the human genome has unlocked large volumes of data that hold the keys to understanding our complex biology. But identifying the most promising targets for disease treatment is like finding a needle in a haystack.

In this episode, Ray Deshaies talks to Richard Scheller, chairman of research and development at BridgeBio, a biotech company creating a bridge between genetic research and medicines. Scheller used the emerging recombinant DNA technology to identify, clone, and manipulate genes to understand how they work and what they do. Over the years, his focus has shifted to developing medicines using the latest genetic techniques. Together, they explore why scientists are so enamored with genetics, and the challenges and potential of using genetics in target and drug discovery.

To dive further into this topic, please join Amgen scientists at the DNA Unlocked Q&A webinar discussion on September 1, 2021. Register for this event here: DNA Unlocked Q&A 1

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