Jun 19, 2022
How To Hang On During Hardship - A Toughness Compilation on Emotional Endurance (World Series Poker, NASCAR, Journalism)
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How do people deal with prolonged discomfort? How can you hang on when the going gets tough? How can you avoid cutting corners or getting lazy when the payoff seems forever away? At the halfway point of our series of specially curated episodes, a topic comes to mind that covers all of this - Emotional Endurance.ย 

In this episode we hear how people that stand out in very different arenas manage to keep their emotions in check in high stakes situations. From gambling millions of dollars in World Series Poker, to driving and crashing a 200mph Nascar racing car, or living for 10+ in war zones, some guests had to learn not only how to deal with the pressure of being a World Champion, but also how to find balance within their teams. This is an episode that will definitely help you to put the weight, pressure and bullshit aside and hang in there through hard times.


Margaret Coker (Journalist) - The Waiting Game Of War

Jesse Iwuji (NASCAR Racing) - The Drive to Thrive

Jorryt Van Hoof (Poker Player) - High Stakes? Poker Face ๐Ÿ˜

Jared Tendler (Performance Coach) - High Stakes? Poker Face ๐Ÿ˜

Denise Shull (Finance) - Trading, Triggers, And How Feelings (Like Fear) Help Us Win

John Burns (Wall Street) - Trading, Triggers, And How Feelings (Like Fear) Help Us Win

Michael Hixon (Olympic Diver) - Staying in Sync Under Stress

Sam Dorman (Olympic Diver) - Staying in Sync Under Stress

Cody Royle (Performance Coach) - The Tough Part of Being the Top Dog

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