Podcast 47: It's Getting Out Of Hand.... For Real
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Coronavirus is getting out of hand 144,000 new cases in one day yesterday. 

Ticketmaster wants to do Covid screening days before concerts.

Beyonce and Peloton creating Homecoming themed workouts. 

There will be change in audio on this podcast. I thought the second half recorded on the audio recorder it didn't. I used audio from the video recording to complete this podcast. 

Gettin' Grown
Gettin' Grown
Loud Speakers Network
Jade and Keia are back at the kitchen table…kind of. As the world burns right on into 2021, let's make space and time for a little collective processing. Whew. Set up a Telehealth appointment with a Planned Parenthood medical professional by phone or video today by visiting www.plannedparenthood.org/Grown. Cricket Wireless can help you make the easy switch to the mobile plan that’s fir for you, starting at $30/month. Smile and switch to Cricket. See store for details. URBAN SKIN RX is an unparalleled line of clinical skincare for diverse skin tones, offering affordable and effective products for blemishes and dark spots. Get 20% off today using code GROWN20 when you shop online at www.urbanskinrx.com Headspace is meditation made simple. Visit Headspace.com/GROWN for a free one-month trial with access to the full library of meditations for every situation. Upstart is the lending platform that offers smarter interest rates. Visit Upstart.com/GROWN to find out how low your Upstart rate is, and the best part? It won’t affect your credit! Visit Ritual.com/GROWN for 10% off your first three months to start your ritual today. Engage your brain with fun puzzles and collect tons of cute characters with Best Fiends. Download the 5-Star Rated game on the Apple App Store and Google Play for free! That’s FRIENDS without the R- Best Fiends! Right now, get 20% off purchases of $30 or more with code GROWN when you order online or use the new Walgreens app. Offer valid online through 1/23/2021 on qualifying same-day pickup orders. Must be signed into your Walgreens.com account to redeem. Additional restrictions apply. See Walgreens.com/Offerdetails and walgreens.com/pickup for details. https://gettingrown.co/ Email: GettinGrownPodcast@gmail.com Twitter: @GettinGrownPod IG: @GettinGrownPod Facebook: www.Facebook.com/GettinGrownPodcast
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Zuri Hall's Hot Happy Mess
Zuri Hall's Hot Happy Mess
The Black Effect & iHeartRadio
8: …Jackie Aina is a Forvr MOOD: From First Kisses to Lingerie + Hot Cheeto Hacks... to Becoming A Global Beauty Boss. | An AlphaBabe Spotlight
To be an "AlphaBabe" means being an unapologetically ambitious and mindful Millennial woman, who is designing a life she loves and leads. The charismatic, badass, influential Jackie Aina, is all that and a bag of hot cheetos + today, Zuri goes one-on-one with Jackie Aina, as she shares her journey from US Army Veteran, to makeup artist, to beauty content creator, to creating + launching her lifestyle brand Forvr Mood (in a pandemic!).  But the convo doesn’t stop there! Jackie opens up the life-changing moments of her first marriage, the revelations + growth she had during her divorce process; how she found herself and her calling after hitting rock bottom; stepping into her power and demanding representation; and how she has embraced the power of “no”. We are diving deep, like never before with Jackie, so get ready for a hilarious chat about why Jackie wants to be invisible in a bank, to Jackie’s first kiss, to her relationship dynamics with her fiance, to unapologetically redefining success, and so much more. Stay till the end, for our Party Trick of the Week: Appreciating the Act of Receiving -- because babe, you deserve it.  Make sure you can come back next week, cuz were kickin' it up off with our Love + Relationships series and we're bringing back The Groupchat to discuss sex, dating with intention, getting married, and how to be single for real, for real -- we're digging deep and gonna keep it real! Notes:   Jackie Aina is a Nigerian-American beauty content creator and activist who started her channel of makeup tutorials in 2009 while serving in the United States Army Reserve and has since become the “most influential voice in beauty today”-Harper’s Bazaar. Aina's engaging videos, which teach, inspire, and give confidence to people of every color, have cultivated a loyal and thriving fanbase--over 6 million across her social platforms including 3.5 million YouTube subscribers. In 2020, Jackie launched a self-care-focused lifestyle brand, FORVR mood featuring candles, a silk headband, and a silk pillowcase with plans to expand into skincare solutions and fragrances. | @jackieaina    Read the Shownotes for the full list of resources + links from today’s episode.   Follow @ZuriHall and @HotHappyMess on Instagram to keep the good vibes going.   Learn more about your ad-choices at https://news.iheart.com/podcast-advertisers Learn more about your ad-choices at https://news.iheart.com/podcast-advertisers
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