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The Right Take
Sep 21, 2021
The Roots of America‘s Third Reconstruction Part 2: Bolshevik Iconoclasm
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In the wake of the Bolshevik-style taking of the equestrian Robert E. Lee statue in Virginia, Eric and Jacob discuss the current state of academic affairs in America—which has its roots in 1930s New York. They recount how a family of historians, the Foners, drew on its Marxist sympathies to undermine American history. They focus primarily on Columbia University professor Eric Foner who has dedicated his career to historical revisionism regarding the Reconstruction Era. Foner, like other Marxian historians, revises the past to fit snugly into contemporary political issues to revolutionize the present. Thanks to his revised understanding of Reconstruction, he ahistorically considers the Civil Rights Movement the “second Reconstruction.” America's current domestic turmoil is being driven by liberal arts graduates who internalized Foner's misinterpretation of history and seek to force a third reconstruction on the country to finish the job that American neo-Marxists convinced themselves that Radical Republicans began in the 1860s.


00:00 Intro

01:10 Virginia has fallen

05:30 Pfizer vials for posterity

10:50 Coping conservatives

15:40 Should we have statues to “losers” and “traitors”?

19:34 The national poisoner-in-chief behind Confederate iconoclasm: Eric Foner

26:15 Foner's leftist father

35:56 Foner's historical worldview

37:14 American Marxism and race

51:21 Foner's understanding and use of Reconstruction

54:14 Foner's Marxist thesis director

57:30 Controlling the past to control the present; controlling the present to control the future



President Trump’s based statement on Robert E. Lee:

Ralph Northam’s absurd list of items that will go into a new time capsule in the former Robert E. Lee statue’s pedestal: 

Historian Eric Foner’s revisionist take on Robert E. Lee:

Jews and the American Military” by Jack Foner, forward by Eric Foner

Who Owns History? Rethinking the Past in a Changing World by Eric Foner 

Foner mentions that Karl Rove is a fan of his first book:

Making slavery the end-all, be-all of American history:

Transcript on how Foner ties every contemporary political issue to his interpretation of Reconstruction:

The Rapp-Coudert Committee and anti-communist liberals of New York:

Marxist historian Mary Stanton on Lenin's orders to American communists to recruit blacks:


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