The Right Take
The Right Take
Dec 16, 2021
Jussie Smollettizizing A History of Yesterday
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This week, Eric and Jacob discuss the fall of the Cuomo Crime Family; some recent juicy, Congressional inside baseball; and a discovery by journalists in Mexico, showing UN and NGO literature coaching caravan migrants. For the main topic, they discuss ongoing attempts to one-up Jussie Smollett in keeping the anti-white race hoaxes coming in an effort to revise history in near real time.


00:00 Intro

01:45 Chris Cuomo joins his brother to sleep with the fishes

11:53  Paul Gosar, Lauren Boebert, and When to not Back Down

44:38 UN Literature in Mexico Coaching Migrants to Claim Asylum in the US

55:35 Main Topic: The Quest to Set New Smollett-Style Race Hoax Records

57:35 Microaggressions 4eva

01:01:10 ESPN Goes All in on Mythologizing Bubba Wallace

01:30:48 Remembering “Remember the Titans,” Disney's Own Jussie Masterpiece



Chris “Fredo” Cuomo faces his own sexual assault allegation:   

Fredo preparing to sue CNN over remaining contract salary:   

Fredo’s planned 2022 book release cancelled by publisher:   

One of Fredo’s producers faces his own charges of preying on underaged girls:  

Censure of Paul Gosar for posting an anime meme:   

Our prior debate about the merits of MTG in Episode 7:   

Marjorie Taylor Greene says Lauren Boebert should not apologize to Ilhan Omar:   

Rep. Nancy Mace - a Republican - accuses MTG of being a racist, and MTG fires back:  

United Nations and other NGOs providing illegal aliens with instructions on how to claim asylum in the U.S.:  

Black doctor claims to be discriminated against by White people mistaking him for janitor:  

…some replies and ridiculous past tweets of his on race: 

How Bubba Wallace is actively trying to destroy NASCAR:  

Profile on Wallace pre-2020:  

Wallace’s cousin was shot and killed by Knoxville police after he reached for a gun:  

19 lies told by Disney’s “Remember the Titans:” 

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