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The Profile
Jan 15, 2021
Eddie Arthur: The Bible translator reflects on world mission and Covid-19
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He may have a science student (studying one enzyme in the broad bean plant), but even as a relatively young Christian, Eddie Arthur always sensed that God wanted him to be a missionary in a French-speaking nation. He'd assumed that meant somewhere in Europe. But it turned out God had something very different in mind. In this in-depth interview, Eddie explains how God called him and his wife to Ivory Coast in order to translate the New Testament into the Kouya language (something which had never been undertaken before). In opening up about the 12 year adventure with Premier Christianity's Sam Hailes, Eddie also reflects on world missions, the impact of Covid-19, and why the significant decisions he took during his tenure as CEO of Wycliffe Bible Translators were so controversial in some quarters.   

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Deep Talks: Exploring Theology and Meaning Making
Deep Talks: Exploring Theology and Meaning Making
Deep Talks: Exploring Theology and Meaning-Making
Ep 86: Ted Kim- Finding the True Story in a Post-Secular, Cross-Cultural World
Ted Kim is senior pastor of Evanston Vineyard. He did his undergrad degree at the University of Chicago and has Masters of Divinity from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, Illinois. Ted joins me today to discuss the role of “story” in our quest for meaning in an increasingly “post-secular” America. How should followers of Jesus who believe in a true-overarching story for humanity interact with the stories we are constantly consuming via streaming services, movies, books and podcasts? How do we sift through our cultural stories to find points of harmony and dissonance with the grand story of Scripture? How is Christ at work in the our mythological fantasy stories like The Lord of the Rings or Star Wars? What can be mutually gained by expanding our cultural horizons through friendship with people in different macro and micro-cultures? We’ll discuss all this and more in today’s episode. To watch the most recent Deep Talks video on Luke Skywalker/Star Wars mentioned in this podcast, visit the Deep Talks YouTube channel at : If you find this podcast to be helpful and you want to see it continue ad-free, would you consider becoming a supporter on Patreon? Members of the Deep Talks Patreon Community receive bonus Q & A Episodes, articles, charts, forum discussions and more. Starting in 2021, WE HAVE A NEW BONUS REWARD- A PATREON COMMUNITY GROUP ZOOM HANG-OUT to build relationships with others across the world and to do theology and meaning-making together. To find out more and help us reach our first goal of 300 patrons which will sustain weekly, ad-free theological and philosophical education to anyone with an internet connection, visit: To Subscribe & Review on Apple Podcasts: Connect with Paul Anleitner on Twitter at:
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Quick to Listen
Quick to Listen
Christianity Today
Did Rush Limbaugh Reshape Christian Radio, Too?
Transcribed highlights of the show can be found in our episode summaries. Last week, conservative talk radio personality Rush Limbaugh died at age 70. Limbaugh’s nationally syndicated political show first hit the airwaves in the late 1980s. He was beloved by many who shared or later adopted his political views and his penchant for conspiracy theories. Many of his critics, however, pointed out his cruel and crass remarks. Limbaugh’s legacy was hardly limited to politics. In a tribute to him, one Christian leader wrote for USA Today, that “ Christian talk programs in particular wouldn't even exist today were it not for Limbaugh's success. Christian radio would still be limited to sermons and songs. But instead, radio stations realized the benefit of capturing even a slice of Limbaugh's audience share and offered new hosts and new voices opportunities to join a new, more democratic discussion of the issues.” Mark Ward Sr. is associate professor of communication at the University of Houston-Victoria in Victoria, Texas. His books include The Electronic Church in the Digital Age, Air of Salvation: The Story of Christian Broadcasting, and The Lord’s Radio: Gospel Music Broadcasting and the Making of Evangelical Culture. Ward joined global media manager Morgan Lee and editorial director Ted Olsen on Quick to Listen to discuss Limbaugh’s impact on Christian radio, how Christian radio differs from Christian TV, and how the medium does or not does not make the message What is Quick to Listen? Read more Rate Quick to Listen on Apple Podcasts Follow the podcast on Twitter Follow our hosts on Twitter: Morgan Lee and Ted Olsen Music by Sweeps Quick to Listen is produced by Morgan Lee and Matt Linder The transcript is edited by Yvonne Su and Bunmi Ishola Christianity Today’s most recent article on mixed-gender friendships Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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