I Have A Podcast
I Have A Podcast
Sep 6, 2022
Damona Hoffman and I have a Podcast: Audience Attraction
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In part 2 of our conversation with Damona Hoffman, we dive into knowing your audience, choosing your audience, and attracting the audience of your choice.

In the second segment of this interview with Damona Hoffman, we talk about how she was able to frame herself in a unique way by paying attention to what her audience needs and wants. We also talk about how you can meet them by getting to know your audience, which is similar to dating, and lastly, how you shouldn't be afraid to commit.

Conversation Highlights Include: 00:58 - Does Putting Your Listeners First Help Your Podcast Show Gain More Traction? 01:25 - Aim to Impart Knowledge to Your Audience 01:49 - Establishing Connection With Your Audience 02:20 - How Do You Determine Your Audience? 03:00 - Established Podcasts vs. Start Up Podcasts 03:30 - Providing a Space Where Various Individuals May Talk About Life, Love, and Business 04:25 - Fine-Tune Your Audience 05:11 - Developing and Recognizing Other Audiences 05:25 - The Charm of Having a Diverse Audience 07:13 - How Politics Affected People's Dating Decisions 08:08 - Handling Hate Comments About Politics and Love 08:36 - Changing the Focus of a Podcast Show to Establish a Forum for Discussion 09: 15 - Serving the Larger Audience 10:30 - Taking a Positive Stance Toward Hate Comments 11:40 - Creative Criticism Should Be Taught to Everyone 12:30 - Accepting Your Flaws and Correcting Actions 13:22 - Exploring the Possibility of Covering Other Topics From Audiences

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