EP117 Magic and How we Define Ourselves with Jason Miller
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How we define ourselves matters. It creates a worldview and can both empower and limit what we do in life and with our magic. In this episode Jason and Andrew talk about some ways choosing the wrong label that might cause problems for people. Are you a magician or a mystic? A sorcerer or magician? Is magic or astrology your religion? All told through stories of their own journey, explorations, mishaps and successes.

Jason and Andrew also talk about personal experiences and visions - often called unsubstantiated personal gnosis. Exploring what to do with that world changing vision you has the feels like it should be changing the world right now!

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Jason's previous interviews can be found here:
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You can find Jason here.
And Andrew is @thehermitslamp everywhere and his site is here.
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You can read the transcript on my website here. 

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