2021.05.08 - Calm Like LeBron
Play • 1 hr 46 min

This week, we talk about: cocaine, bells, boy dancers, sauce-grabbing pasta, the ole can of tennis balls prank, impressing the appraiser, jotham on the bone, breakin balls, lawyers being assholes, calming to an automated voice, hiking vs flying, muppet collabs, tv people, schema and crema, having a car stereo installed by a badass, quizzin, getting high on your own supply of rotting meat, being continent, huffpoo, inhalants, newsweak, the noid, kirby your enthusiasm, robuts using science to smoke weeds and potentially enslave mankind for millennia, and the daggum playlist.

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Spotify Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/7zela4WkmdQQrMwdR0T4JB?si=goxS7gYMSveKZSJZbyoUDw

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