4 Tips to Overcome Decidophobia
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Ever heard of paralysis by analysis?

It’s basically when over analyzing or over thinking a situation causes forward motion or decision making to be “paralyzed.”

When you end up not even making a decision because you’re so wrapped up in trying to figure out the best option.

Here’s another one for you: 

Decidophobia - the fear of making the wrong decision.

It makes sense to weigh your options and consider the risks of making a decision one way or another, but sometimes it can really halt your progress in life when it goes on for too long.

Sometimes, the heaviness of carrying an unmade decision can outweigh the decision itself.

It’s like Steve says, it’s like a little bag you add a stone too every time you think about the decision without making it—over time it gets heavier and heavier.

As soon as you make the decision, you can drop that heavy bag. 

In this episode, Kass and Steve give 4 tips on how to overcome paralysis by analysis and decidophobia so that you can move forward with your life.

After all, action brings clarity.

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