I Am vs. I Feel
Play • 15 min

As we travel through our day to day lives, we all experience a myriad of emotions!

Whether you’re happy, sad, content, angry, frustrated, joyful, or whatever it may be—it’s important to pay attention to how you are expressing that.

Saying things like “I am mad” or “I am frustrated” comes pretty naturally to most of us, but is that the most effective or healthy way to express or think about your emotions?

When we use “I am” statements with negative emotions, we are labeling ourselves as a fleeting emotion, something that we don’t want to be forever.

You are not mad, you feel mad, and though that may not seem like a big difference—changing the way you think about and vocalize your emotions can help you take back your power.

In this episode, Kass and Steve talk about the difference between “I am” and “I feel” statements, and the power behind the words you use to describe yourself. 

After all, we are the creators of our lives. So what you say matters, because it dictates your future.

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