On Vaginas, Friendship, The Universe and Everything.
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Story from the Vault (with a twist) #4

Yes, life is still chaotic, so here's another personal story for the holidays! You may find this particular anecdote hard to believe. Looking back, I still find it hard to believe, myself. 

Do you believe in fate?


Have you ever asked the universe for your heart's desire? You know...The Law of Attraction kinda stuff, hmm?

NO? Well, after listening to this crazy yarn, you might want to reconsider.

As I revealed in ep 13 “Good Will Hunter”, luck played a considerable part in bringing him into my life as a mentor – which resulted in me embarking on an unlikely career as a journalist. Well, an even more unlikely, extremely fortuitous adventure followed.

They say: “be careful what you wish for”. Well, I was. I was very specific when I made one particular wish.

And fuck me sideways, it came true!

NB: The word 'Vagina', is thrown around willy nilly in this ep...BUT, tbh I actually really mean VULVA (the external female genitalia). However, because the word vulva is not as pervasive within the vernacular and I'm also talking about VDay and The Vagina Monologues and a website called Vagina Vérité .

...I stuck with the word 'vagina' for consistency. But...I meant Vulva. OK? BTW, I also mention vegemite, but I honestly did mean to do that. I certainly did not mean to say Marmite. Just to be clear.

*Includes "The Vegemite Song" by Amanda Fucking Palmer.

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