Interview with BETTY MARTIN (1/2)
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Part one of a New Series: 'ADULTING CONSENT'

Ok so I think I've got it worked out; we've been travelling backwards through time! Great Scott! If episode one was about orgasm, then that means it's finally time, to start talking about CONSENT! See what I did there? I made a grand statement to illustrate just how BACKWARDS people can be around consent. It was an analo...oh never mind. Let's just say it's such a nuanced topic, that I decided to start with the very basics:

By definition, consent is an agreement between people! Hmm, an agreement about what, exactly?

You're stumped already, right?

Well, an agreement on everything, of course! Betty Martin is an expert on the topic, having spent ten years writing a book called The Art of Receiving and Giving: The Wheel of Consent. Her extensive training as professional pleasure facillitator (do check her incredibly impressive BIO) motivated her to dig deeper into human erotic desire, it's origins, fundamental impulses, barriers, blockages, boundaries and how it all connects us to triggering emotions. Given that raw sexuality has always been treated as a taboo for women, just as a need for tenderness and affection has always been seen as a weakness in men, it's little wonder we don't often understand the 'give and take' of the sexual pleasure exchange. (Not to mention 'receiving and allowing'!) You can see now why I thought this interview needed to be digested in two pieces. 

Our conversation was so delicious, I wanted to delay gratification. Meanwhile, for more information how The Wheel of Consent works, there are free video lectures here which explain it all in fascinating detail. And do check out The Wheel of Consent on Instagram! Follow my Insta too, while you're at it! 


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