A Consumer's Guide to Oral Sex (Story from the Vault #2)
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"A Slip of the Tongue" Part 2.

Last episode's "What's in a Kiss" was the perfect lip-locked air chamber between 2020 An Orgasmic Oddity. (eps 1-4)..and this rather 'out of left field' Master Class in the Art of Oral Sex. But, once the kissing started, it seemed only right to explore the many other delightful sensations that can be experienced in and around the mouth! Just for a bit of nostalgia, I've time-travelled yet again to retrieve an old story from the Vault. As explained in This Video on The Eloquent in the Room Youtube Channel, for the duration of the 1990s, I was a regular features contributor to AUSTRALIAN WOMEN'S FORUM MAGAZINE (1991-2001). It was known as "the one with the dicks" but the monthly centrefold was just the TIP of a very large female empowerment-berg. Keeping it mostly 100% intact, as written in 1999 (right down to the SEINFELD references) this popular exposé, originally entitled "A Consumer's Guide to Oral Sex" (published 1999) has found extra oomph podcast form, so enjoy these awesome 'giving head' tips, from my mouth...to your ears!

Just when you thought the Orgasmic Journey was over...there was a second coming!

MATURE CONTENT WARNING: This is a thorough tutorial with explicit language and some godawful 1990s Aussie Slang. The reading of the article, is preceded by a little fireside chat about CONSENT. It's only a few minutes long, so keep your mouth closed and listen!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Hygiene and safe sex tips are not given in detail during this podcast, so for that vital information, this episode of SEXPLANATIONS  on Youtube is highly recommended viewing - as are the rest of the videos on her channel. Dr Doe is the bomb. Check out her guide to cunnilingus also. She uses an oven mitt and a vulva diagram by way of visual instruction. It's not quite as sensual as this podcast but it's definitely instructive. :)

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